Album Reviews

Album Review: Ouija Macc “Gutterwater” (Hip-Hop/Trap)

Album Review: Saint Sinna “The Gutbucket Dichotomy” (Hip-Hop)

Pop Evil “S/T” (Rock)

Kaoteon “Damnatio Memoraie” (Black/Death Metal)

Manafest “Stones”(Hip Hop/Rock) […]

Bobaflex “Eloquent Demons”(Rock) + UPCOMING TOUR DATES and ALBUM STREAM

Album Review – Cyhi The Prynce: No Dope On Sundays

Curtis Harding – “Face Your Fear” + Album Stream

Listen Up! Review of Served Like a Girl Soundtrack feat. Pink, Gwen Stefani and Christina Aquilera.

Wu-Tang Clan: The Saga Continues

Album Review: Robert Plant Bares his Heart on Latest Album Carry Fire – Simply put, Robert Plant is a musical genius and his newest album Carry Fire is a demonstration of said genius. The eleven song collection is a divine infusion of abstract musings, poignant observations, ethereal sounds, and tribal rhythms guided by Plant’s omnipotent transmission of emotion. […]

Album Review: Donnie Menace “Bonded By Chaos” (Hip-Hop/Hardcore) – If there were ever a moment in time when Las Vegas based rapper Donnie Menace should be blowing the f*ck up and become known by the hardcore hip-hop world globally, it better be now […]

Album Review: Othewise “Sleeping Lions” – Otherwise are back and out of hibernation with their new album “Sleeping Lions” which is the bands third full-length studio release. Known for the rock ballads to powerhouse hard rock songs all amidst  […]

Album Review: John 5 and the Creatures  “Season of the Witch” (Rock/Metal) – John 5 brings forth a creep show horror rock instrumental masterpiece that will have metalheads moshing in their own houses […]

Album Review: Sadistik “Altars” (Hip-Hop/Psychedelic) – Sadistik is back rather quickly with another beast of an album (released through Equal Vision Records) but this time it’s a psychedelic hip-hop horror  […]

Album Review: Joey Bada$$  “All-Amerikkkan Badass” – Joey Bada$$ is one of the most exciting hip hop artists of his generation. After dropping a string of strong mixtapes, including the classic throw back 1999, his debut album B4.DA.$$ was the perfect […]

Album Review: Eyeshine “Gone Tomorrow”(Pop-Punk/Alternative) – The diehard Eyeshine fans may very well be mourning and drowning in their own tears towards the harsh reality that “Gone Tomorrow” […]

Album Review: Cameron Avery “Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams” (Alternative/Indie) + Album Stream: Cameron Avery finds romance in simplicity with his debut solo album Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams. […]

So Sick Social Club “Dead Friends Don’t Tell” (Hip-Hop/Rock)

Album Review: Shy One “6 years” (Hip-Hop/Horror/Ghetto) – The majority of the diehard fans of Shy One seem to listen to the Texas-based rapper simply for his brilliant devil style production and it totally makes perfect sense, […]

Album Review: Teen Daze “Themes For A Dying Earth” (Alternative/Ambient/Pop) – A nearly flawless blend of ambient-electronic, art pop, and dream pop. This album touches on numerous emotions and never keeps you in the same place for too long […]

Album Review: Communions “Blue” (Alternative/Indie/Pop) – Is this album groundbreaking? No. Is this album a deep, highly technical example of superego artistic superiority? No. What is this album then? This is an example of fun, indie pop, […]

Album Review: Bing & Ruth “No Home Of The Mind” (Ambient/Classical/Other) – This release is an awe-inspiring example of how truly gorgeous ambient music can be. From start to finish, which would be the recommended […]

Album Review: Dune Rats “The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit” (Rock) – Cheap beer. Weed. Cut off jean shorts. Skateboards. Beach life. Sunshine. Hoodrat shit. Teen angst. Brisbane, yes, all the way from Australia comes a skate punk band, album and sound typically associated with Southern California. But, […]

porcelain-raftAlbum Review: Porcelain Raft “Microclimate” (Alternative/Pop) – Possibly, you recognize this artist’s name. Possibly, you’ve heard a track or two, told yourself to check them out more, and kept putting it off until later. […]


Other Album Reviews

Album Review: Texas Microphone Massacre “The Opium Den EP” (Electronica/Rock) – Texas Microphone Massacre is as original as is it gets when it comes to new-age industrial music. Their three song Ep “Opium Den” […]

uniform-wake-in-frightAlbum Review: Uniform “Wake In Fright” (Rock/Industrial/Noise)  – The Brooklyn duo kicks off 2017 with a brash opus of fury. Creating a mesmerizing fusion of intense industrial, noise, grindcore, and pretty much everything else that loud and angry as hell. […]

sacrificial-system-d-nAlbum Review: Sacrificial System “D.N.A.”  (Industrial/Electronic) – For those who’ve said the industrial music scene died in the 1990’s seriously need to wake up and accept the fact great […]

koshir-album-coverAlbum Review: Koshir “Chew Your Food” E.P.  (Hip Hop/Rap) – Do you love your Hip-Hop being drenched with dirty sex rhymes that are so filthy it could very well give an entire neighborhood an erection when pounding in the streets? […]

jouvert_ep_cover_artAlbum Review: Wyclef Jean “J’ouvert” (Rap/Reggae) – Wyclef Jean’s J’ouvert kicks off with a bang with the ambitious ‘The Ring’. The song starts off with Wyclef explaining why he’s come back now and mapping out his near future. […]

Sacrificial System “D.N.A.” (Industrial/Electronic)
FreeZe “FreeZus” (Experimental/Hip-Hop)
Crossworm “Finding X” (Psychological Horror/Hip-Hop/Electronica)

shana-falana-here-comes-the-waveAlbum Review: Shana Falana “Here Comes the Wave” (Dream Pop/Psych/Ambient) – This Brooklyn duo has put together one of the strongest releases of 2016. A shoegaze/psych-pop sound of which will send you swimming in a ocean of guitar fuzz and keep you in motion with the rhythmic currents, […]

sticky-fingers-westwaySticky Fingers Release 3rd Single “Sad Songs” ARIA ALBUM ‘WESTWAY’ – Bottle decadence, swagger, and plenty of hard-yards, and you have one of Australia’s most successful musical exports Sticky Fingers. Dylan Frost (vocals/guitar) Seamus Coyle (lead guitar), Paddy Cornwall (bass), Beaker […] 

slaves_takecontrol_coverAlbum Review: Slaves “Take Control” (Rock/Punk) – There is no sense in trying to be eloquent in describing this album, it is anything but. Take Control is a full fledge angst-ridden pure British punk album. […]

still-corners-dead-blueAlbum Review: Still Corners “Dead Blue” (Pop) – The London duo return, continuing the band’s evolving sound, fusing Tessa Murray’s frolicsome vocals, the ethereal and atmospheric dream-pop […]

PrintAlbum Review: The Everyday Losers “Before You Say A Word” (Rock/Grunge) – The Everyday Losers are destined for greatness! Their album “Before You Say A Word” will go down in Indiana modern rock history as an album that takes rock n’ roll back to its dangerously exciting […]

la-petite-mort-or-a-conversation-with-godKing 810 “La Petite Mort or a Conversation with God” (Rock/Metal) – Hailing from the slums of Flint, Michigan, King 810 have completely reinvented themselves for the better inside “La Petite Mort or A Conversation With God”. It’s not possible to label this just another nu-metal release. This strong sophomore effort is far beyond that! […]

Bayside “Vacancy” (Alternative/Punk/Rock)

Bat-For-Lashes-The-BrideAlbum Review: Bat For Lashes “The Bride” (Indie/Alternative) – Bat For Lashes (Natasha Khan) delivers the strongest release of her career yet. Crafted as a concept album telling a story of a bride to be who loses her fiancée in a car accident on the […]

Barb-Wire-Dolls-Desperate-coverAlbum Review: Barb Wire Dolls “Desperate” (Rock/Grunge/Punk/Metal) – Barb Wire Doll’s latest release “Desperate” is a bonafide masterpiece! Each track is just a straight up raw in your face rock n’ roll anthem […]

johnny richterAlbum Review: Johnny Richter – Schools Out (Still Laughing) (Hip Hop/Rap) + Album Stream – Johnny Richter is still Laughing! More than likely due to the current haters who doubted he could keep moving forward without being a full time member of the Kottonmouth Kings  […]

wye-oak-tween-album-streamAlbum Review: Wye Oak – Tween (Indie Rock) – This is not the Wye Oak album you had been expecting, but it is the one you wanted. Overflowing with cascading symbol crashes, epic fuzz waves, and just all together jaw dropping. It’s hard to not be awed at the jump in song writing […]

descendentsAlbum Review: Descendents – “Hypercaffium Spazzinate” (Punk/Rock) – I feel I should start this review by saying that I can almost guarantee that I am a bigger Descendents fan than you are, whoever you are. I have the “Milo Goes To College” album cover tattoo’d […]

RealizmAlbum Review: Realizm – The Keys To The Cult Collection (Hip Hop) – Born Shane Manoel, Realizm is Australia’s best kept secret in hip-hop. He’s not only an intelligent lyrical emcee, but his production skills are far above and beyond most of the mainstream, yet hardly anyone knows him, even though this wicked underground warrior […]

pup_the_dream_is_over_vinyl_1024x1024Album Review – PUP – The Dream Is Over (Punk Rock) –  There was a lot of excitement surrounding the release of PUP’s self titled debut album. It seemed to come at a time when the punk rock world was in need a good swift kick in the ass. […]

The Kills - Ash & IceAlbum Review – The Kills – Ash & Ice (Indie Rock) – The latest and easily the most anticipated album from one of the “it” bands of more than just the college rock scene, but the rock n’ roll scene on the biggest stage. The duo have spent over a crafting one of the most […]

Tiger Army “V…”Album Review – Tiger Army – V… (Punk/Rock) – For a minute there it looked as though Nick 13 was going to place Tiger Army in its grave. After Music From Regions Beyond came out and the band did a tour behind it, that’s all we heard […]

Kristin Kontrol - X-CommunicateAlbum Review: Kristin Kontrol – X-Communicate (Pop) – In January, Dee Dee of Dum Dum Girls announced a new solo project, and five months later Kristin Kontrol has officially arrived. X-Communicate is a well crafted fun excursion of 80’s new wave […]

PJ-Harvey-The-Hope-Six-Demolition-ProjectAlbum Review – PJ Harvey – The Hope Six Demolition Project (Rock) – It is always a major event when PJ Harvey releases a new album, and few in the history live up to their hype on each release, especially living in a musical and business world where always doing yo […]

head-wound-city-new-wave-violenceAlbum Review: Head Wound City – A New Wave of Violence (Rock/Noisegrind) – A noisegrind super group consisting of members from The Blood Brothers, The Locust, and Yeah Yeah Yeah, they released an EP over a decade ago, reunite in 2014 for a few shows, then write and record […]

belvedere-the-revenge-of-the-fifth-610x610Album Review: Belvedere – The Revenge of the Fifth (Punk) – If you were a fan of punk rock in Calgary in my generation (that would be Generation X, or is it Y?), you grew up with Belvedere. Although. […]

Chez-Kings-&-Queens--(1)Album Review: Chez – Kings & Queens (Indie/Hip-Hop) – Formerly known as “Prodiga1”, Billings, Montana local rap legend Chez conquered his home city years ago and will soon be taking over the entire underground […]

TheCoathangers-NosebleedWeekendAlbum Review: The Coathangers – Nosebleed Weekend (Alternative/ Yes! Wave) – This is the trios fifth album, but is an introduction of sorts to a more massive audience, and fans new and old will be very pleased. Filled with catchy hooks, upbeat rhythm, grit, dirt, and tons of attitudes. The trio craft a Joan Jett […]

Tóke - Wake Up Inna KingstonAlbum Review: Toke – Wake Up Inna Kingston (Reggae) — When thinking of Germany as a musical landscape, Reggae may not be the first genre that pops to mind, but it’s there, under the surface of the streets, the thump of the drum and pop of the bass reverberating into walls, […]

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Toke – Wake Up Inna Kingston (Reggae) p.8
The Coathangers – Nosebleed Weekend (Alternative/ Yes! Wave) p.9
Hammock – Everything And Nothing (Atmospheric/Ambient) p.9
Belvedere – The Revenge of the Fifth (Punk) p.10
Chez Album – Kings & Queens (Indie/Hip-Hop) p.11
The Virginmarys – Divides (Rock/Grunge) p.12
PJ Harvey – The Hope Six Demolition Project (Rock/Alternative) p.12
Head Wound City – A New Wave of Violence (Rock/Alternative) p.13
Book Review: NOFX – Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories p.16

Explosions-In-The-Sky---The-WildernessAlbum Review – Explosions In The Sky – The Wilderness (Rock): It’s been almost exactly five years since we have been delivered a new full length album, and EITS as provided fans new, old, and yet to come, possibly, the most vibrant work […]

Zakk Wylde - Book Of Shadows II (Album Review) RockAlbum Review: Zakk Wylde – Book Of Shadows II (Rock) – When Zakk Wylde last released a solo album, I was only three years old and his music wouldn’t be found in my mother’s Madonna, and Celine Dion laden CD collection. However, in my early teenage years, I would stumble upon Book of […]

Day Wave ­ Hard To ReadAlbum Review – Day Wave ­- ‘Hard To Read’ (Alternative) – Oakland musician Day Wave has crafted a dreamy and intriguing release with Hard To Read. The sound Jackson Phillips creates […]

Memoryhouse ­ Soft HateAlbum Review: Memoryhouse ­- ‘Soft Hate’ (Pop) –Soft Hate is the strongest effort from a group that has a very audacious library. The duo continues to make dramatic musical beauty […]

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*Mogwai – Atomic (Rock)
*Daniel Jordan – Killed By Love Genre (Hip Hop)
*Autolux – P**sy’s Dead (Rap/Rock) Bleached – Welcome The Worms (Pop)
*School of Seven Bells ­ SVIIB (Pop)

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*Twiztid – ‘Mutant: Remixed And Re-Mastered’ (Hip Hop/Rap) p.11
*Crossworm – ‘Drowning In Restricted Thought’ (Hip-Hop/Electronica) p.12
*Virus Syndicate – ’Symptomatic’ (Hip Hop/Rap) p.13

More Reviews Online Below

Face-To-Face--ProtectionAlbum Review: Face To Face – ‘Protection’ (Punk)  – I’ve been listening to Face To Face for a long time. Their 1996 self titled album was a constant companion throughout junior high and high school. And their fantastic 2002 album How To Ruin Everything has been one of my favourite punk rock album ever since its release.  […]

MT-SITTINHEAVY-1500PXAlbum Review – Monster Truck ‘Sittin Heavy’ (Rock/Hard Rock) – Canada’s Monster Truck comes out swinging full force with a fistful of southern tinged hard rock for their sophomore release “Sittin Heavy” and the fist of this release connects straight to the rock n roll musical dome hard as a rock! […]

charles-bradley--changesAlbum Review – Charles Bradley – ‘Changes’ (Soul) Charles Bradley is proof that you’re never too old to make it. Here is a man who sounds as if he was born with his gravelly croon. The reincarnated spirit of James Brown, the razor sharp delivery o…[…]

PPR141_vinylAlbum Review – Bats Out! – ‘Flying Blind’ (Punk) – Bats Out! is an Oi! band (or street punk if you like) from Regina, Saskatchewan, who bring more than their share of scenster experience and a long history of roots within the genre to their music. Despite only having […]

Diiv-Is-the-Is-Are-Album Review – Diiv – Is The Is Are (Rock) – This album is an excellent throwback to the shoegaze sound of the mid-90’s, and will make you heart, mind, and body sway into the night of every listen. The feedback and whirling guitar sounds are coming from an aggressive […]

From-Ashes-to-NewAlbum Review – From Ashes To New – ‘Day One’ (Rap-Rock/Alternative Metal) – The comeback of the 1990’s Nu-Metal era has been boiling over the modern rock stove the past five years, as if a giant pot filled with nothing but past urban teenage angst finally decided to spew out from underneath today’s bullshit […]

alexisonfireliveatcoppsAlbum Review – Alexisonfire – ‘Live At Copps’ (Hardcore/Rock/Indie) – So in 2001, Alexisonfire formed in southern Ontario. In ten years and change, they were no more. Two important members had left the band, including Dallas Green, who had found fame and fortune in his side project City and Colour. In 2012, following […]

Coldair - The ProviderAlbum Review: Coldair – ‘The Provider’ (Alternative)– The vocals are dramatically delivered with a cold softness, and synth lines are dark and distinctively mysterious. The band demonstrates their talent for crafting […]

lecrae-church-clothes-3-coverAlbum Review: Lecrae – ‘Church Clothes 3’ (Hip Hop)  – I said this when the album was released, but it’s an amazing thing to witness pop culture shift before your eyes and to know it when it’s happening. Thats how I felt when Kendrick Lamar’s ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ came out. I knew it would change things, I could feel the change start to happen. And ever since, […]

daughter-not-to-disappearAlbum Review – Daughter – ‘Not To Disappear’ (Alternative, Pop/Rock)  – The latest release from London group Daughter is a wintery monument and absolute success in out doing the beauty and song writing of their 2013 release, If You Leave. Elena Tonra’s soft and breathy voice […]

Kendrick Lamar, To Pimp a Butterfly

#throwbackthursday – Dustin Griffin’s Top 10 Releases of 2015  […]

beach-house-depresssion-cherry-album1#throwbackthursday Michael Smith’s Top 10 Releases of 2015  […]


parquet-courts-monastic-livingAlbum Review – Parquet Courts – ‘Monastic Living’ (Alternative) – Since their 2013 debut, Parquet Courts have become fan favorites in the underground post-punk scene. Combing well-written and very technical guitar riffs and effects that go beyond just loud feedback noise, their latest release they bring us something very different. […]

Under The Savage SkyAlbum Review – Barrence Whitfield & The Savages – ‘Under The Savage Sky’ (Rock, Soul) – Barrence Whitfield is an old school yelper in the tradition of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Screamin’ Joe Neal and Bunker Hill. His backing band, The Savages, play a kinetic version of rock n’ roll that mixes blues, rockabilly, punk rock and r&b.[…]

mutemath vitalsAlbum Review – Mutemath – ‘Vitals’ (Rock, Alternative) – Over their careers it has appeared that Mutemath has fallen through the cracks of the indie synth-pop world and have not received the same attention that peers such as Empire of the Sun, Hot Chip, […]

Beach-House--Thank-Your-Lucky-StarsAlbum Review – Beach House – ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars’ (Pop/Alternative) – Some may be confused to see a review for Beach House, thinking you just read one about two months ago. Well, instead of just settling with releasing one of the best albums of 2015, Depression Cherry, the duo thought their fans deserved more and released […]

redman-mudfaceAlbum Review – Redman – ‘Mudface’ (Hip Hop/Rap) – Even though it’s been five years since Redman released Reggie, you can’t say the man’s been slacking it. Highly celebrated tours with his partner in crime Method Man, a handful of mixtapes, guest spots and the singles […]

Julien-Baker---Sprained-AnkleAlbum Review – Julien Baker – ‘Sprained’ (Singer-Songwriter/Alternative/Indie) – This debut album from the Memphis-based singer-songwriter is a masterfully written and performed work of tragic beauty. Baker fearlessly bares her soul on this emotionally heavy album that’s […]

Grimes Art AngelAlbum Review – Grimes – ‘Art Angels’ (Rock/Electronic/Wizard Rock)It’s been a long wait for the follow to the massive success of her 2012 album Visions, and fans will not be let down. This album is fast-paced and very animated, and certainly at least a few tracks are sure to become regular additions to most house party playlists, […]

Maestro ky mani marleyAlbum Review – Ky-Mani Marley ‘Maestro’ (Reggae) – Bob Marley was a busy man during his short time on earth. As well as creating one of the most impressive musical discographies of all time, he also fathered eleven children by a number of different women (thirteen if you count the two he adopted). Most of those children have gone on in his absence to have impressive […]

Wavves - VAlbum Review – Wavves – ‘V’ (Pop) – With autumn now officially here, it may seem out of place to release album fraught with the sound and feeling of summer. Maybe it’s one last celebration of the season, or maybe it being from an area of the country (San Diego, CA) where it’s summer all year round, […]

The-Game-Documentary2-Cover-2015-billboard-1000x1000The Game – ‘The Documentary 2’ (Rap) – It’s hard to believe its been ten years since Game released Documentary, announcing his presence on the hip hop scene in a big way. You can’t make a bigger splash in the scene than coming in with the likes of Dr. Dre and 50 Cent touting your talents. […]

The Bellfuries - Workingman's BluesAlbum Review – The Bellfuries – ‘Workingman’s Blues’ (Rock) – Call it revivalism, call it rockabilly, call it whatever you want, The Bellfuries create a racket that is both soulful and accurate to the time it emulates. Taking their cues from rock n’ roll’s greatest decade, they […]

AcherontasAlbum Review: Acherontas – ‘Ma-Ion (Formulas of Reptilian Communication)’ (Metal) – What a delightful mess! This album has long-ass song titles complete with parenthesis, at least four different languages, anti-cosmic worldviews […]

beach-house-depresssion-cherry-album1Album Review – Beach House – ‘Depression Cherry’(Pop/Alternative) High expectations precede the release of the latest from the Baltimore group Beach House. Since the release of their third album, 2010’s Teen Dream, the eyes and ears for this band have grown exponentially. […]

ChaliceAlbum Review – Chalice ‘Raise Your Chalice’ (Heavy Metal) – I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be the only one in a fortnight’s march who gives a shit about this demo but let me make it clear: Chalice are probably the only thing in Vermont worth paying attention to right now […]

Dave-MonksAlbum Review – Dave Monks – ‘All Signs Point to Yes’ (Pop/Alternative) – All Signs Point to Yes is the first solo release from Dave Monks, vocalist of the indie rock band Tokyo Police Club. This six track […]

White Reaper - White Reaper Does It AgainAlbum Review – White Reaper – ‘White Reaper Does It Again’ (Rock) – White Reaper have thundered to some prominence now, with the release of their 2014 self-titled EP, and magnified that as one of the standout performers at this year’s SXSW. Now, they are “back” with […]

Magister TempliAlbum Review – Magister Templi ‘Into Duat’ (Heavy Metal) – Now that’s what I’m talking about. The 2013 debut grabbed my thumbs-up but failed to stick with me as time progressed. This time, I think the Norwegians hit the nail on the head. […]

Guy-MarshallAlbum Review – Guy Marshall – ‘The Depression Blues’ (Americana, Roots-Rock) – Country music has made vast changes over the last 60 years. A genre once defined by songs about love, heartbreak, death, and life (typically the rougher side) in general. A genre where some of the best voices, musicians, lyricist […]

CZARFACE---“Every-Hero-Needs-A-Villain”Album Review – CZARFACE – “Every Hero Needs A Villain” (Hip Hop) – Czarface are a talented trio of rappers who came together in 2013 and dropped one of the better hip hop albums of the new millennium with their self titled debut. Boston’s underground speed spitters 7L & Esoteric and Wu Tang Clan’s Inspectah Deck […]

Wavves & Cloud Nothings - No Life For MeAlbum Review – Wavves & Cloud Nothings – “No Life For Me” (Pop/Rock) – There’s been a lot of talk over the last year about this collaborative effort from Nathan Williams (of the surf punk darlings Wavves) and Dylan Baldi (noise rock darlings Cloud Nothings), and on […]

Jaill-Brain-CreamAlbum Review – Jaill – “Brain Cream” (Pop) – Since we last heard from this group, Milwaukee surf pop trio Jaill has seen a couple of major changes preceding the release of Brain Cream. […]

Refused---“Freedom”Album Review – Refused – “Freedom” (Hardcore Punk) – If there’s two fads that seem to have hooked their roots into punk rock these days, it’s acoustic solo/side projects and band reunions. Bands just don’t seem to be able to stay broken up. […]

San Fermin, JackrabbitAlbum Review – San Fermin “Jackrabbit” (Indie Rock) – Hailing from Brooklyn New York, San Fermin is a baroque pop group whose latest album, Jackrabbit, is a sophisticated yet organic orchestral anthem that reflects on humanity. Despite identifying with a medley of genres (self-identifying as Indie Rock), […]

born gold no sorrowAlbum Review: Born Gold “No Sorrow” (Pop/Alternative) – The product of Canadian songwriter Cecil Frena, No Sorrow is a brilliant venture taken by one of the true north strong and frees favorite indie pop artists. Well-paced and fascinating, it made for an extremely pleasant 20 minutes. With sprightly electronics and vocals that could charm anybody… […]

BS231_Banditos_Cover_1500_1Banditos “Banditos” (Tonk / Rock n’ Roll) – The fact that Banditos hail from Nashville, Tennessee (they are originally from Atlanta) already gives them a badge of authenticity that every band who doesn’t set up camp in that musical history-rich city is lacking. The fact that they play a compendium of music […]

Deez Nuts “Word Is Bond”

Album Review: Deez Nuts “Word Is Bond” (Hardcore/Punk) – It’s no secret to anyone with at least one foot in the metal core and hardcore punk scene that Deez Nuts are one of the biggest acts to come out of Australia, which as a region has earned a rather formidable reputation. […]

cancer bats searching for zeroAlbum Review – Cancer Bats “Searching For Zero” (Rock/Metal/Hardcore) – What separates Cancer Bats from their contemporaries is that most of their yesteryear contemporaries have either fallen off, sold out or simply lose their edge. At the end of the day all three of the majority….. READ REVIEW

crypt-sermon-out-of-the-gardenAlbum Review – Crypt Sermon “Out of the Garden” (Doom Metal/Heavy Metal) – Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Who expected the best doom metal record of the 2010’s come from Philly of all places? I don’t know about you guys, but I could give little more than a dry fart for most of the calculated occult […]

The Skints - FMAlbum Review – The Skints “FM” (Frequency Murderation) – “FM” starts with a broadcast. A DJ setting the mood for what will come. A ‘frequency murderation.’ As the record unfolds, it will be punctuated with these faux radio related intermissions, as minut… READ FULL REVIEW

The_Rumjacks_-_Sober__Godless_-_CoverAlbum Cover Feature – The Rumjacks – “Sober & Godless” – The Rumjacks are a celtic punk band out of Sydney, Australia. Australia isn’t exactly known far and wide for its celtic punk scene, but that doesn’t stop these four boys from making a mighty impressive racket within the genre. READ HERE

Marky RamoneBook Review – Marky Ramone “Punk Rock Blitzkrieg: My Life As A Ramone” – It’s easy to forget that while the Ramones were still active, they didn’t enjoy a fraction of the praise and adoration that they do now. They never had a hit single, they never even had a hit record. They toured constantly and released records every year or every other year….. READ FULL REVIEW

XIBALBA-TierraAlbum Review – Xibalba “Tierra Y Libertad” (Hardcore/Death Metal) – Hardcore as genre tends to have the unfortunate habit of falling prey to its own tropes and as a consequence experiences periods of creative stagnation. Currently it’s in an upswing, as the last fe…READ FULL REVIEW

The Johnny Red Eyes MoonMasters

Album Review – The Johnny Red Eyes “MoonMasters” (Noise/Punk/Ska) – As a whole, punk rock’s golden era of cultural prevalence the late 70s, to the early 90s is a period held such high influential regard, that at any given moment there is always somebody naively att… READ FULL REVIEW


Album Review – Saxon “Heavy Metal Thunder – Bloodstock Edition” & “The Saxon Chronicles” – Bands die out. It’s a natural thing, whether it’s through murder, treachery or heartbreak. Some bands collapse before their time, leaving the world with mere fragments of what could have been. Some… READ FULL REVIEW

ToyGuitarAlbum Review: toyGuitar – “In This Mess” (Rock) Jack Dalrymple has been a fixture in the punk rock scene since way back in 1995 when he formed One Man Army. Throughout the years he’s piled up an impressive discography with some of the scene’s be… READ FULL REVIEW

Panda BearAlbum Review: Panda Bear “Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper” (Dub) – Panda Bear is the King Midas of music. Everything he touches turns to gold! Whether it’s Animal Collective, Daft Punk, or solo – he rocks it. Or ‘experimental psychedelias’ it, whatever category he… READ FULL REVIEW


Album Review – Marilyn Manson “Pale Emperor”(Suicide Rock) – Perhaps the most enduring pop culture anti-hero of the 90’s, Marylyn Manson has sculpted himself a throne of social scorn that is so enduring that neither time, nor the mid diminishing returns of the 2000’s can shake the foundation of it. Even as a fan who was naiveté…. READ FULL REVIEW 


ALBUM REVIEW: Visigoth “The Revenant King” (Heavy Metal) [ALBUM OUT NOW] –  This album is loaded with unanswered questions. Is the song “Creature of Desire” about freedom and motorbikes, or repressed sexual urges? Will Visigoth release the best “Necropolis” cover of 2015? READ FULL REVIEW

unityALBUM REVIEW: Unity Through Tragedy “Shut Your F*cking Mouth” (Hardcore) – The members of Unity Through Tragedy are each a rare treasure, who shocked me to my core the moment they touched their instruments when I saw them on Halloween night this year. They’re loud, aggres… READ REVIEW

High HIghs - OPen SeasonALBUM REVIEW – High Highs “Open Season” (Alternative/Pop/Rock) – I’m surprised Pitchfork hasn’t latched onto this band and refused to let go.Native to Australia, Jack Milas and Oil Chang formed The High Highs in 2010. READ REVIEW

Whitehorse - Leave No Bridge UnburnedALBUM COVER FEATURE – Whitehorse – “Leave No Bridge Unburned” – Hamilton, Ontario’s Whitehorse are a husband and wife duo that play sleek and sexy pop music with an exciting mix of influences and sounds in the makeup. The band’s upcoming album ‘Leave No Bridge Unburned’ is poised…. READ REVIEW


STRIKER--City-of-GoldALBUM REVIEW – Striker “City Of Gold” (Heavy Metal) – Just when your faith in the underground was a pile of burnt-out coal in your little sister’s Christmas stocking, Edmonton’s high-octane rockers pours some kerosene on the sparks by releasing their …READ REVIEW – More reviews in JANUARY 2015 VANDALA Magazine READ FREE HERE

DINEALONE_SAMPLER-WINTER2014-500x500-RGBALBUM REVIEW: Dine Alone Records “Winter Sampler December 2014” (Various) – Dine Alone Records is a Toronto based indie label, which has proven itself to be a surprising source of broadly varied, quality artists. Personally, I am an individual who is very prone to disappea… READ REVIEW & GET THE DOWNLOAD

The wet secrets - free candyALBUM REVIEW – The Wet Secrets “Free Candy” (Pop/Rock) My confidence is given out sparingly, though I can think of no other band more deserving of this faith than The Wet Secrets……. READ FULL REVIEW 

Rings of Saturn Lugal_ki_enALBUM REVIEW – Rings Of Saturn “Lugal Ki En”(Metal/Aliencore) – As a whole, metal is a genre traditionally define by testosterone driven competition; Whether, it’s 90’s European black metal, or millennial death core, there is a certain reptilian-brain need wher…READ REVIEW

drown me out (1)ALBUM REVIEW – Down The Lees “Wear Me Out EP” (Electro Indie Rock) – Down The Lees is best described as an experimental cocktail, both in style, and line up, as most of which have already full time commitments as primary ingredients in established bands in Vancouver… READ FULL REVIEW 

The Humble Beginnings of a Roving SoulALBUM COVER FEATURE – 6’ 10 “The Humble Beginnings of a Roving Soul” – 6’10 is a spinoff of Celtic punk troupe Flatfoot 56. But where Flatfoot is all hard charging rock n’ roll, 6’10 is softer, more introspective acoustic rock. READ FULL REVIEW 

Giant Squid “Minoans”Album Review – Giant Squid “Minoans” (Progressive/Metal) – Black seas of infinity. Tales of human tragedy. Rumble of distant mountains, coming alive with fire and wrath. All this — and more! — FULL REVIEW HERE

Skelator “King of Fear”Album Review – Skelator “King of Fear” (Epic Heavy/Speed Metal) – Here is a band who’ve in the trenches dodging bullets, shrapnel and fatal lineup changes since 1998. This is probably Skelator’s most testicular release yet,.... READ REVIEW 

Riot Unleash The FireAlbum Review – Riot V “Unleash The Fire” (Hard Rock/Metal) – Don’t look now! What can I possibly say about Riot that hasn’t already been said? Easily the most instantly-memorable record I’ve heard in 2014. Only took one listen: I’ve got the choruses and at l… READ FULL REVIEW

lagwagonAlbum Review – Lagwagon “Hang” (Punk Rock)  – Birds, planes, light fixtures, framed show flyers, boogers after you go swimming, Spiderman and of course bees. All are things that hang. Well now you can add the latest Lagwagon album to that list… READ REVIEW

Single Mothers “Negative Qualities”Album Review – Single Mothers “Negative Qualities” (Punk) – It is seldom that a band manages to do a decent job going back to the roots of social satire and boyish anarchism that made me and generations before fall in love with punk. This is definitely th… READ REVIEW

Son-Little-“Things-I-Forgot”Album Review – Son Little “Things I Forgot” (Future Soul) – Aaron Livingston has been cranking out quality soulful rhythm and blues for years now. Both under his own name and as one half of Icebird, the defunct roots project he struck up with multitalented ... READ REVIEW 

Straight Jacket LegendsAlbum Review – Straight Jacket Legends “Lemon Tea Party” (Pop Punk) – Straight outta Scotland, Straight Jacket Legends bring an unlikely, yet refreshing flavour to the pop-punk genre. Those familiar with the genre staples will find that their upcoming November 11 rel… READ REVIEW

Rancid - Honour is all we knowAlbum Review – Rancid “…Honor Is All We Know”(Punk) – Honor Is All We Know kind of came out of nowhere. There had been rumblings of a new Rancid record for years, but no confirmations or teasers from the studio or possible release dates. Just rumour. … READ REVIEW 

The-InterruptersAlbum Review – The Interrupters – “S/T” (Punk/Ska) – Tim Armstrong’s Hellcat label (a subsidiary of Epitaph) has slowed in its releases the last few years, releasing only a couple records a year. But there was a time when they were one of punk’s heav… READ REVIEW 

Feint One Last TimeAlbum Cover Feature – Feint “One Last Time” – Feint is an experimental musician from the UK. His music is a hodgepodge of heavy electronic and industrial music, with skinny breaks of other genres splintered into the mix. The song ‘No Chance’ f…CHECK IT OUT

Operators - EP1Album Review – Operators “EP1” (Alternative) – I have no real knowledge of this band. They are elusive shadows, gods of synth, but above all, they are brilliant. Having heard Operators at their fifth show, I have to say – READ FULL REVIEW HERE

Original FILMAGE artwork by Chris SharyReview – Filmage: The Story of Descendents/ALL – The introduction to some of my favorite punk bands, some of punk rock’s most iconic bands, have been compilation albums. Albums like Ramones Mania and Bad Religion’s All Ages. In 1991 the box set T… READ REVIEW

Otherwise - Peace at All VostsOtherwise“ Peace at All Costs” (Rock/Hard Alternative) – Otherwise finally has released their second full album. In 2012 they came out of the gates on Century Media Records and before that they had a few amazing EP’s. There last album “True Love Never Dies” I gave a 5/5 and it’s been 2 years since that album due to the band touring a ridiculous amount. They kept the fans happy with a free EP of acoustic songs though… READ AND LISTEN NOW 

Sleepwave - Broken CompassSleepwave “Broken Compass” (Rock) – Sleepwave is the new band from former Underoath singer Spencer Chamberlain, featuring band mate Stephen Bowman. This project has been a secret for so long and now it’s finally here with its debut “Broken Compass” via Epitaph Records. READ AND LISTEN HERE

Slaine Album CoverAlbum Cover Feature – Slaine “The King of Everything Else” – This month’s album cover pick is the somewhat controversial cover of Slaine’s somewhat controversial album The King of Everything Else. As I mention in my review of the album.  Slaine is firing on all cylinders with this record and his ability at crafting dark narratives and soundscapes and peppering them with his well honed and gritty flow, has never been more impressive than on King…. READ MORE 

Sing-The-Word-Hope-In-Four-Part-Harmony-coverAlbum Review – Maybeshewill “Sing the Word Hope in Four Part Harmony” (Instrumental) – And here we have the second offering from the English instrumental band Maybeshewill, showcasing the brilliant electronic sampling and instrumental style they conquered in previous work. Known as the groups break from post rock, this album started off incredibly intense.. READ FULL REVIEW 

The Hungry Ghosts “Alone, Alone” (Instrumental)The Hungry Ghosts “Alone, Alone” (Instrumental) – Originating from Australia, the indie rock band Hungry Ghosts has me starving for more (get it?). Released in 2000, this review makes me a little late to the party but I couldn’t help myself. Rough around the edges in all the right ways, the guitar is easy on the ears but delivers quite the personality. READ FULL REVIEW 

The Hunger & The Fight (Cover 1) 2014The Mahones “The Hunger & The Fight” (Irish Punk) – I’ve never been to Ireland. Never been to Belfast or to Dublin. But Celtic music always paints such vivid pictures in my mind, I sometimes feel as if I have. You can call that corny, and I guess it is, but it’s the truth. The first time I heard The Pogues, it changed my life. The song was ‘Poor Paddy’ from their masterful debut album Red Roses For…. LISTEN AND READ REVIEW 

Brian Setzer “Rockabilly Riot! All Original”Brian Setzer “Rockabilly Riot! All Original” – Brian Setzer has been carrying the rockabilly flame since 1979, when he formed the first incarnation of the Stray Cats (then known as the Tomcats). With the Stray Cats he lead the rockabilly revival with a number of classic albums songs which paid tribute to the great rock n’ roll artists of the 50’s. READ NOW 

Slaine Album CoverSlaine “The King of Everything Else” – Slaine’s an interesting figure in that he’s probably known by two different crowds for two different things. On the one hand he is, as of late, a sort of go-to for large, intimidating thug’s in Boston-set crime flicks. READ FULL REVIEW

offspring_smash_20th_anniversaryAlbum Cover Feature – Smash 20th Anniversary Edition – Admittedly, and obviously, this month’s cover choice is a bit of a cheat, as Smash actually came out 20 years ago. But because the cover has been slightly redesigned in the new, flashy anniversary package out this month, I’m running with it. READ FEATURE

Fallujah “The Flesh Prevails” (Metal)Fallujah “The Flesh Prevails” (Metal) – Hailing from San Francisco, Fallujah a genre challenger that appeared on the radar of notability in 2011, when they turned heads with The Harvest Womb.  In hindsight, it is arguable that they knew what direction the genre was headed at the time. The 2014 full length follow up, The Flesh Prevails is a maneuver of similar caliber. READ FULL REVIEW 

Klines mirrorsKlines “Mirror” (Electronic) – Under the recommendation of a friend, I grabbed my noise canceling headphones and hunkered down for the night to the soundcloud of a musician named Klines. To which I say – thank you friend…….. READ FULL REVIEW 

Sigor Ros “Agaetis Byrjun” (Post Rock)  Sigor Ros “Agaetis Byrjun” (Post Rock) – It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed an album that came remotely close to top 40, but Sigur Rós’s  Ágætis Byrjun is well worth the sacrifice. Having recently been featured on both How to Train Your Dragon movies and a Game of Thrones episode, …… READ REVIEW 

Inanimate Existence “A Never Ending Cycle Of Atonement”Inanimate Existence “A Never Ending Cycle Of Atonement” (Death Metal) – The sole reason one refines a fancy for technical death metal is because they like the concept of challenge. As a listener they like the challenge of deciphering the obscure poly-rhythms buried under obtuse melodies, they crave watching the band challenge established standards of musicianship and artistry. READ REVIEW

Tengger Cavalry“Ancient Call”Tengger Cavalry “Ancient Call” (Nomadic Folk Metal) – Just when you thought Folk Metal was dead and buried in a doom-shaped box, THIS comes out of nowhere in a flurry of blood, iron and hooves. READ NOW 

Below - across the riverBelow “Across the Dark River” (Doom Metal) – If you don’t like Candlemass you can skip this review. The rest of you may take a seat with the rest of the adults – DARE YOU TO READ 

Cocteau Twins “Milk and Kisses”Cocteau Twins “Milk and Kisses” (Shoegaze/Dream Pop) – All the fan made music videos for the work of the Cocteau Twins (Elizabeth Fraser, Robin Guthrie, Simon Raymonde) seem to have one thing in common. A lot of them feature slow pans over pictures of sunny beaches. READ NOW

Back to the camper - Bob WayneBob Wayne“Back to the Camper” (Rock/Outlaw Country) –  We have one of Nashville’s finest. Bob Wayne is a lovable southern dork and if his charmingly crass lyrics don’t draw you in, his intricate banjo will certainly do the trick. Complete with a jaw harp and what seems to be a digeridoo, Back to the Camper embodies the sense of fun outlaw  country brings. READ MORE 

In The Whale “Nate & Eric” (Classic Rock) – In The Whale’s latest release is a combination of two of already released EP’s, unexpectedly titled as “Nate & Eric”. Some may argue that classic rock is dead and there is irreparable disparity between old and new school rock.  “Nate & Eric” bridges this cultural niche: writing blues and classic rock inspired material…. READ NOW

B-Lines “Opening Band” (Punk) – Half nonsensical sneer-ready sarcasm, half heart on the sleeve sincerity, Vancouver’s punk rock brats B-Lines (who take their name from the bus line that runs through the downtown core of the city) unleash their newest gestation of scrappy punk songs in Opening Band. READ FULL REVIEW

The Afghan Whigs_cover “Do to the Beast” Revives the Muscle of The Afghan Whigs – In 2006 The Twilight Singers–Dulli’s main post-Afghan Whigs group–were playing Paradise Rock Club in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Dulli, dressed in all black, mopped the stage with the sweat of his movements, sneering at the audience and lumbering to the edge of the stage with every song’s moment of impact. READ FULL REVIEW

Get Dead “Bygones”Album Cover Feature – Get Dead “Bygones” – If polished, clean punk rock is like taking a pair of sharp scissors and a ruler and carefully using them to cut into a piece of paper, then Get Dead’s brand of gritty, heartfelt punk n’ roll is like taking that same piece of paper and ripping the f*cker with your bare hands. READ FEATURE

sand paper skysSand Paper Skys “ST” (Electronic/Alternative) – Under the pseudonym of Henry Miller, young musician Callum Beckford is conquering a variety of genres spanning from glam rock, dubstep, ambient, and even blues. Graduate of Rundle Academy and current pupil of Alberta College of Art and Design, the reputable artist has seemingly found the perfect balance between his academics and passion for music – …. READ FULL REVIEW

Pennywise“Yesterdays”Pennywise “Yesterdays” (Punk) – Punk rock and nostalgia often go hand in hand. Those who are old enough to remember its first incarnation in the late 70’s won’t ever stop talking about what a wave it made in their lives and in the world.  READ NOW

7 Seconds “Leave A Light On’”

Album Review – 7 Seconds “Leave A Light On’” (Hardcore/Punk) – You make your fans wait almost ten years for new material, when it drops it better come out of the gate swinging. And for a band who’s been around since the year The Empire Strikes Back was in theatres, that’s a hell of a lot of history you’re adding to. READ MORE 

Zackariah and the Prophets “Goodnight, Icarus”Album Review – Zackariah and the Prophets “Goodnight, Icarus” (Alternative/Rock) – The sound of Zackariah and the Prophets consistently leaves you wanting more. With music that is both exciting and carefree, their debut album Goodnight, Icarus is full of feel good summer tunes. Possessing elements of both jazz and groove, it’s sure to get you dancing. READ FULL REVIEW

White Chocolate Thunder “No Pants, Just Dance”White Chocolate Thunder “No Pants, Just Dance” (Rock/Pop Rock) – Conceived in early 2013, White Chocolate Thunder has taken the city by storm (pun intended) since its recent inception. With nearly a gig a week, their growing popularity in the Pop/Rock scene of Calgary doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon…. READ FULL REVIEW 

Casualties of Cool feat. Devin Townsend & Che Aimee DorvalAlbum Cover Feature – Casualties of Cool feat. Devin Townsend & Che Aimee Dorval – Casualties of Cool is a release that musically will perplex many who are only familiar with Devin Townsend’s better known heavy metal counterpart Strapping Young Lad. Featuring the band Ki’s singer Che Aimee Dorval, Casualties of Cool is a swirling mix of indie pop, old school country and shoe gaze with jazzy accents. READ MORE 

Candy Says “Not Kings”Candy Says “Not Kings” (Pop) – Candy Says’, from Oxford 12 track EP ‘Not Kings‘ is a hauntingly lush filled with layered instrumentals with handclaps, breezy acoustic guitars and heavy electronic percussion propping up the infectious synth hooks. TAKE A LISTEN

Dan Lyth, Benthic Lines “Benthic Lines”Dan Lyth, “Benthic Lines” (Alternative/Pop) – A new and rare find, Dan Lyth, was born in the Middle East but has lived most of his life in Dunfermline, Fife. A sound designer by day, Lyth began work on Benthic Lines some five years ago, his intention to record an album entirely outdoors. On rooftops and rowing boats, in forests and high streets, mountains and quarries, ruined churches and beaches, car parks and peat bogs. When I found his album Benthic Lines, I absolutely devoured… READ FULL REVIEW

Obsequiae “Suspended in the Brume of Eos” Obsequiae “Suspended in the Brume of Eos” Vinyl Reissue (Metal) – Olympia-based label 20 Buck Spin has been finding gold in them hills with recent releases by Atlantean Kodex, Christian Mistress and other such luminaries in the field. Next on the moss-flecked altar is a vinyl reish by Obsequiae, who are really into grandpas guitars, mother nature and great songs. READ REVIEW 

arkona - yavArkona “Yav” (Slavic Pagan\Folk Metal) – Masha and the boys are attending a 5,000 ruble/plate gala at the Napalm Records estate. A shadowy agent spikes the vodka with weapons-grade LSD and the band drinks deep. Vladimir peers into a bowl of borsch and sees a reflection of himself: dead, dusty, skeletal, blood dripping from his fingertips. Sergey screams something…  READ MORE 

Only Crime“PursuanceOnly Crime“Pursuance ”(Melodic Hardcore) – Not content with merely resting on past accomplishments or recycling old hooks in the nooks and crannies of their flagship bands, Only Crime is a unit that exists to create something new and exciting in the artistic lives of its members. You can call them what you will: hardcore, punk, jazz, or hardcore punk jazz, one thing is certain, they are a band with music that sounds fresh and invigorating. READ MORE 

Cradle of Filth “Total F*ckingCradle of Filth“Total F*cking Darkness” Double LP (Metal) – To be perfectly honest, I am a sucker for old school demos because listening to one always makes me feel part of the band’s history. It is also very interesting to dwell into a band’s past to witness its musical evolution and hear the band’s absolute beginnings.  Cradle of Filth’s remastered… READ FULL REVIEW 

edguy-space-police-defenders-of-the-crown-84322Album Cover Feature – Edguy “Space Police: Defenders of the Crown” (Rock ‘n Roll) – Busting out of the confining walls of their high school halls in 1992 when the members were all just the tender age of fourteen, Edguy is a power metal band from Germany. Edguy may not be a household name in North America, but in Europe and Asia, they have sold millions (yes, millions) of records over the past seventeen years and…. READ MORE 

Triptykon“Melana Chasmata”Triptykon “Melana Chasmata” (Doom Metal) – Tom G. Warrior is back with Triptykon’s long-awaited second album called Melana Chasmata. Four years in production, the atmosphere created within is a truly unique and genius blend of many different styles of metal, carefully combined into coherent, well-crafted songs. READ MORE

Roll The TanksRoll The Tanks “Broke Til Midnight” (Punk) – We’re going to make records because that’s what we want to do – make records. No clunkers, no fillers. Records where you almost die making them.” So says vocalist/guitarist Danny Carney, of Los Angeles rock band Roll The Tanks. A refreshing sentiment, especially in 2014 when the majority of our radio fed diets consist of high fat, high sugar content that’s not only… READ FULL REVIEW 

Liars-Mess-coverLiars “Mess” (Experimental/Rock) – One of the first things I did after pressing play on Mess, the new, seventh album from Liars, was take my pants off. Only because a voice with Satanic inflections demands it on the opening song, “Mask Maker.” If you fail to comply, it’s your face that’ll get eaten. READ NOW 

Odonis, Odonis “Hard Boiled, Soft Boiled”Odonis, Odonis “Hard Boiled, Soft Boiled” (Industrial Surf-Gaze) – The holy trinity Dean Tzenos, Jarod Gibson, and Denholm Whale were born in the fires of Toronto’s growing punk scene, eventually traveling West to share their self proclaimed “Industrial Surfgaze” with the coast. …. READ MORE 

Marta PacekMarta Pacek “Voodoo Dolls and False Alarms” (Alternative Folk/Country) – Marta Pacek’s new album Voodoo Dolls and False Alarms, stirs  haunting echoes of folk and country ballads, reflecting influences from Joni Mitchell, to Nancy Sinatra, to Stevie Nicks. After the success of her previous album Rebel Baby, the Polish-born Aussie has decided to spread her wings and experiment with more electronic beats… READ FULL REVIEW 

Street DogsOn the Spot Review: Street Dogs/Noi!se split EP – For fans of white knuckle, blue collar street punk with an edge and a message, this split by two of the scene’s best purveyors is a dream come true. Boston’s Street Dogs are a band that needs no introduction to anyone with…. READ FULL REVIEW

Portrait-CrossroadsPortrait “Crossroads” – Satanic Swedes continue to mine the style laid down by Mercyful Fate thirty years ago. Skip straight to track three, right past the acoustic instrumental and “At the Ghost Gate” with it’s black metal open-string riffing. Get into “We Were Not Alone” and “In Time”. You’ll enjoy the first two tracks more if you save ’em for later. Vocalist Per Lengsted… READ MORE

Fever trails Photo by Nico Krijno — in Maputo, Mozambique.

Photo by Nico Krijno — in Maputo, Mozambique.

On the Spot Review – Nicholaas Van Reenen “Fever Trails EP” – Fever Trails is South African artist Nicholaas Van Reenen’s first offering to the world and we couldn’t be more pleased with his debut creation. Seemingly unable to be labeled by any genre, this electronic symphony is a treat to the ears. READ & TAKE A LISTEN HERE

savage-messiah-the-fateful-darkAlbum Review – Savage Messiah “The Fateful Dark” (Metal) – There are a handful of things that chop my wood faster than Hexxus in Ferngully. One of them is “Contemporary Thrash Metal.” At The Gates guitar-horsing over quantized blast-beats, “dirty” vocals, nose-job’d production in the vein of Andy Sneap. READ FULL REVIEW

Comeback_Kid,_Die_Knowing_album_coverComeback Kid “Die Knowing” (Hardcore/Punk) – I don’t know why, but the soulless mascot on the cover of ‘Die Knowing’ initially reminds me of Mr. Freeze from Batman: The Animated Series. I know they only have a passing resemblance, but there’s a familiarity there that I can’t shake. Maybe they’re cousins or something. READ FULL ARTICLE

monoThe Monochrome Cherubs “Pure Grinding Sparkle” (Rock)- With a style almost reminiscent of The Red Hot Chili Peppers , The Monochrome Cherubs have not failed to impress with Pure Grinding Sparkle. The band members (Tim Lacy, Mike Sciotto, Nick Moroch) seem to have little in common, but each possess a love for classic rock with passion made evident in every note. Before leaving New York City, vocalist Tim Lacy…. READ FULL REVIEW 

motherMother “A New Life” (Hard Rock/Alternative) – Though the trio of musicians are fairly new to the music scene, they play with the skills of a well seasoned rock band and I could not be more amazed by the artists (Nick Fargo – Vocals and Piano/ Mike Gowen – Guitar and Piano / Johnny – Bass / Marshall Castaneda – Drums and Piano)  hailing from New York. Upon pressing play, I was greeted with a soothing preface ... READ FULL REVIEW 

Hunter and WolfeHunter & Wolfe “Days And Works” (Indie/Folk/Rock) – This Brooklyn duo craft true-grit American rock’n’roll persuaded by the heart and soul. Singer Michael Maffei lets loose his lyrics straight from the depths of his rotgut. Their second album, Days And Works, recently released in February and available for download on their Bandcamp. Maffei and Sundeep Kapur put this whole thing together: writing, performance, recording and production. The songs are triumphant and expertly sculpted. READ FULL REVIEW 

Thus owls Turning RocksThus Owls “Turning Rocks” (Alternative, Experimentel, Pop, Rock) – Turning Rocks, the upcoming full-length by Montreal-Stockholm band Thus Owls, which has crossed music borders. The husband-wife team of Simon and Erika Angell bring together a high-concept element in a way that coheres intricately on Turning Rocks; a heady balance between warm instrumentation and a stylish veneer.  READ REVIEW 

PilgrimPilgrim “II: Void Worship” (Doom Metal) – Fun Fact A: Pilgrim are from the same city as H. P. Lovecraft. Fun Fact B: Pilgrim actually sound like it. I think the execs at Metal Blade must have sat Pilgrim down and explained to them exactly what would happen if they didn’t manage to knuckle down and take home all the marbles with their sophmore album. READ FULL REVIEW 

The Sum of Who We AreAlbum Review – Framing Hanley “The Sum Of Who We Are”(Rock) – The Sum of Who We Are is familiar. It is the song we shared our first kiss to and the album playing on repeat when we sobbed uglily into our pillows when it didn’t work out. The long awaited Framing Hanley album was conceived in 2011 and after 3 long years will finally be hitting the shelves April 24th, 2014, delighting many impatient fans everywhere. READ FULL REVIEW POST OR IN APRILS VANDALA MAGAZINE

Slough Feg “Digital Resistance”Album Review – Slough Feg “Digital Resistance” (Heavy Metal) – San-Fran MVPs are back with another slab of institutionalized quirkiness. For the uninitiated, Slough Feg have been dancing circles around Heavy Metal for nearly 25 years, and were one of the few bands to keep the flame alive in the 90’s when guitar solos went out of style. Dungeon Master Mike Scalzi ……  READ FULL REVIEW POST OR IN MARCHS VANDALA MAGAZINE 

Crissi Cochrane “Little Sway”Album Review – Crissi Cochrane “Little Sway”(Pop/Jazz) – Little Sway, the newest album from Crissi Cochrane, could be named after the movement of early budding flowers in spring’s first breezes. The music is bright and eloquent, splashed with the colors of a botanical garden. It mixes modern American jazz with pop music structures in line with Nora Jones or Corinne Bailey Rae.  READ FULL REVIEW POST OR IN MARCHS VANDALA MAGAZINE 

The IntersphereAlbum Review – The Intersphere “Relations in the Unseen” (Rock/Alternative) – After a few years on the top of the German chars with Hold On, Liberty!, The Intersphere return with a brand new studio album: Relations in the Unseen. And instead of relying on formulas or formats, the band has decided to create their own rules. There’s honestly no band to compare them to, The Intersphere have literally composed their own genre crossing borders from rock, metal, punk and indie. READ FULL REVIEW POST OR IN MARCHS VANDALA MAGAZINE 

Royal Bliss Chasing the SunRoyal Bliss “Chasing The Sun”(Rock) – Chasing the Sun was funded by the fans and made for the fans clearly. Songs are relatable and hit a ton of emotions and themes. You can really see they put themselves into this album with “Home”. This song is just Moving, Raw, Passionate and emotional {Like much of the album}. READ FULL REVIEW OR IN MARCHS VANDALA MAGAZINE

Bobaflex “Charlatan’s Web”Bobaflex “Charlatan’s Web” (Rock) – Generally I keep my reviews short but this album needs a little more attention. Charlatan’s Web is an album where you have a mix of dirty, gritty classic rock songs mixed up with a touch or metal. There are some songs that are very dark in content which would be common in metal though have some positive undertones thus a perfect album for rock and metal fans alike . READ IN FEBRUARYS VANDALA MAGAZINE or ONLINE HERE

Ayreon “The Theory of Everything”Ayreon “The Theory of Everything” (Progressive) – I definitely did not expect Ayreon to release anything new so his new opus “The Theory of Everything” caught me by surprise. It is a 2 album, 22 track gapless album that goes on for well over an hour and is chuck full of prog goodness. Even though most songs are transition songs that last an average of one minute there are some like “The Theory of Everything part 1” that can……. READ IN FEBRUARYS VANDALA MAGAZINE page 8  OR ONLINE HERE

Iced Earth “Plagues Of Babylon” (Power/Thrash Metal)Iced Earth “Plagues Of Babylon” (Power/Thrash Metal) – Iced Earth is a true testament to metal music. Always staying true to its musical core, Jon Schaffer has delivered album after album without compromise. Iced Earth’s long career was plagued with many ups, downs and line-up changes but no one can argue that their previous endeavor, “Dystopia”, didn’t have an immense impact on the metal world pleasing both critics and fans.  READ IN FEBRUARYS VANDALA MAGAZINE page 8  OR ONLINE HERE

constrained imageScythia “…Of Conquest” –  Scythia ‘s third full-length album, …Of Conquest, is dark, fast, while blending progressive and power metal, to folk and melodic death metal, and the composition is absolutely breathtaking. For a while now I’ve been trying to form words to describe what kind of album this is.This album is one anthem after another, where you will not be able to resist singing along. They have become the Dropkick Murphy’s of the metal scene. READ IN FEBRUARYS VANDALA MAGAZINE page 8  OR ONLINE HERE

MAN MAN “On Oni Pond” (Alternative) 

Dawn of Midi “Dysnomia” (Acoustic/Alternative)  

Deathpoint “Sinister” (Melodic Groove Metal) 

Ministry “From Beer to Eternity” (Industrial Metal) 

The Aristocrats “Culture Clash” (Rock Fusion)

Gris “Goliath” (Black Metal/Classical) 

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Queens Of The Stone Age “…Like Clockwork” (Rock) Joy Of Painting “Tender Age” (Rock)
Boards of Canada “Tomorrow’s Harvest” (Electronic) Black Dahlia Murder “Everblack” (Melodic Death Metal)
Kae Sun “Afriyie” (Singer Songwriter/Alternative) Monarque “Lys Noir” (Black Metal)
Dillinger Escape Plan “One of Us is The Killer” (Mathcore) Joy Of Painting “Tender Age” (Rock)
Brutus “Behind the Mountains” (Hard Rock/Psychedelic Rock) Alkaline Trio “My Shame Is True” (Pop/Punk)
Half Moon Run “Dark Eyes” (Alternative/Rock/Folk)
Tokimonsta – “Half Shadows” (Beats/Electronic/EDM/Pop) Suicidal Tendencies “13” (Hardcore)
To Humans “To Humans EP” (Alternative Rock) Miss You In Tuques “Tuesday” (Pop)
Monks Of Mellonwah “Sky & The Dark Night” (Modern Rock) The Howlin’ Brothers “Howl” (Bluegrass/Folk)

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