Album Review – Shakey Graves “Roll The Bones” (Alt/Country)

Shakey Graves “Roll The Bones” Shakey Graves (aka Alejandro Rose-Garcia) is a gritty one-man-band based out of Texas with a finesse for old-school country lyrics and a knack for fingerpicking, the kind of music that stirs hootenannies and shindigs. There’s a crimson quality that runs throughout his album, Roll the Bones- even, at times, devilish in tracks like “I’m On Fire” and “Business Lunch.” But despite the album’s insistence on maintaining a kick-back tone, Shakey Graves draws you in with the romantic imagery of a lonesome troubadour. It has engraved this picture of a patch of dirt spread across his cheek, warning others of the storm clouds brewing over the not-so-distant Texas plain. Like a true storyteller, Shakey Graves sings of a woman scorned, the decline of the pre-industrial family unit, and a man who hops boxcars around the country looking for steady work and a hot meal. He tells these rich stories, through his lush, and gritty poetic lyrics- kinda a modern Texan Leonard Cohen. Shakey Graves is one of the most authentic, down to earth artist whose hybrid of folk and blues music, engraves his captivating stories through an audible medium. While singing of times and cultures, that are often forget while being overwhelmed by today’s fast moving world. I really do appreciate that there is still a place in this world for a man, a guitar, and a drum to take a seat and tell a story. If you couldn’t tell, I kinda love this album.  4.5/5 Dragons

MonShakey Graves – &

By Lana Nimmons

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