ALBUM REVIEW – High Highs “Open Season” (Alternative/Pop/Rock)

High HIghs - OPen SeasonReview By Darian Magee
5/5 Dragons
Review from Vandala Magazine; January 2015 Edition – Read Interviews, Reviews and more in Januarys issue FREE HERE

I’m surprised Pitchfork hasn’t latched onto this band and refused to let go.

Native to Australia, Jack Milas and Oil Chang formed The High Highs in 2010. Since their creation, they’ve had their work featured in Pitch Perfect and two commercials for Amazon and Pacifico Beer. Their talent is not unrecognized, having toured with Vampire Weekend, Sky Ferreira, and Stars for the first time in 2013. Despite their impressive resume, I still think they’re deserving of more.

Dreamlike and melodic, their fluid sonic texture is something only heard in fantasy. Acoustic and synthetic have never harmonized so well, blending together in stunning concordance that make it clear just how much work goes into their music. The vocals of Jack Milas are soothing with a lilting quality and forgive me for being forward, but sounds the way a warm bath feels. The album paints a beautiful emotional journey and the lush resonance took me to a wave of relaxation I haven’t felt since Bon Iver came out with Blood Bank. The High Highs are everything a blissful summer should be. Warm, memorable, and breathtaking. Readers, plug in your headphones and surrender yourself to peace. You’ve earned it.

Download their latest EP 


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