ALBUM REVIEW: Visigoth “The Revenant King” (Heavy Metal)

VISIGOTHReview By  Jeff Black
4.5/5 Dragons
Review from Vandala Magazine; January 2015 Edition – Read Interviews, Reviews and more in Januarys issue FREE HERE

This album is loaded with unanswered questions. Is the song “Creature of Desire” about freedom and motorbikes, or repressed sexual urges? Will Visigoth release the best “Necropolis” cover of 2015? I know I spout a lot of crap in my reviews but trust me when I say that we’ve got just about the full monty from the debut album of these Salt Lake City-based bandits. This is pure sword and sorcery metal in the hallowed traditions laid out by Manowar and expanded upon by Twisted Tower Dire. The nice thing about Visigoth is that they tune to low B so you can feel your beer-belly churning when the riff of “Iron Brotherhood” launches a steel-edged sole into your guts. The vocals of Jake Rogers tend to rustle some jimmies out there but I don’t get why – the dude is a goddamned monster of a singer with a deep bellow and a richness that vibrates with the center of the universe. Sometimes his D&D lyrics are less than fresh (“Take a chance, roll the dice, is this hell or paradise?”) but you can’t deny the songcraft of “Blood Sacrifice” or “Mammoth Rider.” Best served with cold steel and colder beers.


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