Album Review – Framing Hanley “The Sum Of Who We Are”(Rock)

The Sum of Who We AreReview by Darian Magee – 4.4/5 Dragons
From Aprils Vandala Magazine – READ MORE REVIEWS HERE

The Sum of Who We Are is familiar. It is the song we shared our first kiss to and the album playing on repeat when we sobbed uglily into our pillows when it didn’t work out. The long awaited Framing Hanley album was conceived in 2011  and after 3 long years will finally be hitting the shelves April 24th, 2014, delighting many impatient fans everywhere. The band of five sent the internet a tizzy after releasing a sampler of the album online, promising fans the same alluring dark edge made so evident in their earlier work “The Moment”. The lyrics are harsh and honest, each line burdened with its own meaning, the melodies dripping with raw passion. Once again Kenneth Nixons vocals are nothing short of thrilling, reaching extraordinary heights with his  impressive range. The album itself is bittersweet, acting as the now departed bassists Luke McDuffee’s last contribution to the Nashville born group, leaving Brandon Wooten (Guitarist), Chris Vest (Drummer) and Kenneth Nixon (Vocalist) the last remaining members of the original five. He has been with them since their creation in 2005 and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Framing Hanley will be touring America all throughout April and May, hitting most major cities in Eastern United States. Make sure to download the first three songs of The Sum of Who We Are free on Amazon or Itunes for a limited time only.


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