Album Review- Below “Across the Dark River” (Doom Metal)

Below - across the riverReview By Jeff Black– 4.5/5 Dragons
From August Vandala Magazine – READ MORE REVIEWS HERE

If you don’t like Candlemass you can skip this review. The rest of you may take a seat with the rest of the adults — we’re telling ghost-stories. Forget all the other crap, this is the album you want to check out this year. One of the few records in 2014 where I actually want to hear the whole thing front-to-back. Some people are gonna pass on over this for being blatant Candlemass/Solitude Aeternus worship. Whatever. Do not care. If you don’t get goose-pimples when vocalist Sebastian Jansson waxes nocturnal about watery graves haunted by mournful spirits, then perhaps you should go back to marathons of My Little Ponies. Songs gravitate toward slow dirges and middling doom machines with a strong emphasis on guitar harmonies. Even the modern production doesn’t suck! Seeking: ghouls and grave-robbers; must enjoy long walks in the crypt.


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