Interview with Danny Wagner of Greta Van Fleet – Appearing on Saturday Night Live

An Inside look behind Automata I and II with Tommy Giles Rogers Jr. of Between The Buried And Me […]

Photo of Tommy of Between The Buried And Me By Loyal Photo

Jason Mewes Interviewed at Astronomicon! *Faygoluvers Exclusive* […]

A Brief History Lesson Within Nail Bomb’s Point Blank – An Interview with Max Cavalera of Soulfly […]

Never Give Up! An Interview with Ryan Shuck of Dead By Sunrise and Julien-K […]

This Is What Influential Hip-Hop Sounds Like! An Interview with Madd Maxxx […]

“If I had to live or die based on radio play, I’d have had to get a day job by now. I survive on cultural currency.” The Talib Kweli Interview […]

Stolen From the Black: An Evening With Frank Turner  [p.22] oread on our daily blog  […]

Is Blacklite District the Future of Rock ‘n’ Roll? An Interview with Kyle Pfeiffer of Blacklite District […]

If I had to live or die based on radio play, I’d have had to get a day job by now. I survive on cultural currency.” The Talib Kweli Interview […] 

Stolen From the Black: An Evening With Frank Turner

Moon Rocks and Spaceships Are Upon Us! Interview with Freeze [p.44]

Moon Rocks and Spaceships are Upon Us! An Interview With Freeze […]

European Hip-Hop is Taking Over the Globe! An Interview with Dr. Diggles of Dope D.O.D. […]

Artist Spotlight Tetrarch of Atlanta Georgia + Video Interview […]

Keeping It Brutal With of Terrance Hobbs of  Suffocation  […]  oread on our daily blog HERE

Reverse Busking, Free Beer and Walking: An Interview with Will Varley […]

A Warped Tour Extravaganza: An Interview with Isis Queen of Barb Wire Dolls […]

Photo Credit Darren Fieldhouse

SPECIAL FEATURE TODAY – Power Rangers 25th Anniversary Acceptance: An Interview from Cheyenne, Wyoming Comic Con (Johnny Yong Bosch, Steve Cardenas, Cerina Vincent) […]

“No Attitude, Just Gratitude – A Sit Down With Kenny Aronoff” complete with a photoshoot by Heiko Ryll […]

May/June 2017 Cover A Last Stand History Lesson An Interview with  Pär Sundström of Sabaton […] or read on our daily blog HERE

What Else Can You do for Anyone but Inspire Them? The Age of Electric  […] or read on our daily blog HERE

Be Optimistic – An Interview with Steve Thill of Sinner Sinners […] or read on our daily blog HERE

Life Is Good (Sort Of): An Interview with Flogging Molly’s Dennis Casey […] or read on our daily blog HERE

The Psychomania Tour is Upon Us An Interview with Jamie Madrox of Twiztid […] or read on our daily blog HERE

April 2017 Cover: “Freedom to Live and Love” An Interview with Otep […] or read on our daily blog HERE

A New Breed of Chaos: An Interview with Twig the Exfoliator of Kill The Precedent […] or read on our daily blog HERE

May The Power Protect You, Always An interview with Ron Wasserman […]

Ron Wasserman is a machine when it comes to composing music for television. He might be most famous for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme, but his resume is a very long one which we chat about.

March 2017 Cover: Wyclef Jean “A New Dawning”Wyclef Jean Cover Interview March 2017 Vandala Magazine

Wyclef is sharp and chipper, with a sea of interviews on a infamous day. He still spares some time to gives us insight into his latest album “J’ouvert” plus his release of ‘If I Was President’. […] on read our daily blog HERE

Rebellion and a Lullaby: An Interview with the Tossers’ T. Duggins […] or read on our daily blog HERE

T. Duggins of the Tossers Interview

Alcest: Anime, Femininity, and the State of The Species […] or read on our daily blog HEREAlcest Interview

EXCLUSIVE You’ve Been Diagnosed  with Glockcoma: An Interview with Mars […] or on our daily blog HERE
Underground Artist Spotlight: Koshir […] 
or on our daily blog HERE

Mars Interview

Jan/Feb 2017 Cover: Aesop Rock Is The Impossible Kidaesop-rock-interview-vandala-magazine-feb-2017

Aesop Rock popped out of the womb with a mic in hand, seriously! This New York genius was born to become a rap legend. 1996 is an important year for Hip-Hop and that’s when Aesop quickly became a lyrical ass kicking metaphorical master within the hip-hop genre. His latest release, “The Impossible Kid” is Aesop Rock at his finest and no fan should miss out on this soon to be classic! […] or on our daily blog HERE

Sex, Rock N Roll and 9 Electric An Interview with Ron Thunderwood […]  or on our daily blog HERE


December 2016 Cover:  “I try to keep punk rock punk. You’re not getting a nice story out of me.” – The Fat Mike Interview   – Read in our magazine HERE  or on our daily blog HERE


Influences and Inspiration with Yotam Ben-Horin of Useless ID  […]dec-2016-vandala-magazine-useless-id-interview

Touring, New Material, and All Things Hockey with Sean “Sickboy” McNab of The Creepshow […]dec-2016-vandala-magazine-interview-the-creepshow

Your Last Second of Fame. An Interview with Face To Face’s Trevor Keith […] or on our daily blog HERE


November 2016 Cover Interview: Diving Into Tidal Wave With John Nolan […]  or on our daily blog HERE Cover Interview - Diving Into Tidal Wave With John Nolan of Taking Back Sunday

 “Original Gangsters” Ben Westhoff on his Explosive New History of West Coast Hip Hop […] or on our daily blog HERE Interview "Original Gangsters" Ben Westhoff on his Explosive New History of West Coast Hip Hop

The Show Must Go On – Interview with Pansy Division […] or on our daily blog HERE

The Show Must Go On - Interview with Pansy Division

Pain, Hope, and SpongeBob Interview with The Body & Full of Hell […] or on our daily blog HERE

Interview The Body and Full Of Hell

October 2016 Cover Interview: Caffeine and Chemistry with Milo of the Descendents

Cover Interview Descendents October 2016 Vandala MagazineLead singer Milo Aukerman of the Descendents is an icon yet humble to the core. He spoke to us about the past, the present and future including the reason you likely won’t be hearing the band perform ‘I’m Not A Loser’ in front of an audience again. Read on Page 62 or on our daily blog HERE 

Is Wednesday 13 the Current King of Monsters?! [p.78]  or on our daily blog HEREwednesday-13-interview-october-2016-vandala-magazineGetting Gnarly At Psycho Las Vegas With Electric Citizen  [p.72] or in our daily blog HERE  electric-citizen-interview-october-2016-vandala-magazine

J Reno Unveils the Politikilla! [54] in our daily blog HERE  

J Reno Interview October 2016 Vandala Magazine

September 2016 Cover Interview: Get Schooled! An Interview with Johnny Richter in our daily blog HERE  

September 2016 Vandala Magazine Johnny Richter Interview

Johnny Richter’s solo career has proven he is still a beast on the mic. His brand new release “School’s Out (Still Laughing) is keeping authentic hip-hop alive! We chatted about his career, album and much more.  Read on Page 66

Mortality And God with Michael Gira of Swans [p.52] or in our daily posts HERESeptember 2016 Vandala Magazine Swans Interview

What’s Ugly?! A Sneak Peek Teaser With Intrinzik & Crossworm About New LP [p.60] in our daily blog HERE  

September 2016 Vandala Magazine Interview Intrinzik and Crossworm

The True Horror You Never Hear Coming An Interview With Cremator of GHOUL  [p.82] or in our daily posts HERE

September 2016 Vandala Magazine Ghoul Interview

August 2016 Cover Interview: Cultisms:  Anthony Raneri of Bayside or in our daily blog HERE

Cover Interview Bayside August 2016 Vandala Magazine

Bayside Singer/guitarist/songwriter and founder Anthony Raneri wore his heart on his sleeve, in typical fashion, when he spoke with us about the band’s history, the new album and the importance of longevity vs. mega popularity. Read on Page 44

 Depression, Anxiety and Cats: An Interview with Marissa Nadler […] or in our daily blog HEREMarissa Nadler

 Coleman Hell “Cabins Help Create Timeless Records”  [p.38] or in our daily blog HEREInterview Coleman Hell August 2016 Vandala Magazine

The Ghost Parade Will Be Among Us Soon Lindy Gabriel of Gabriel and The Apocalypse  [p.52]Interview Lindy Gabriel of Gabriel and The Apocalypse August 2016 Vandala Magazine

Style, Recording and Music with Mary Todd [p.58]Mary Todd Interview August 2016 Vandala Magazine

July 2016 Cover Interview: It’s Time to Turn the Crank Again! An Interview with Shaggy 2 Dope of ICPCover Interview ICP July 2016 Vandala Magazine

It’s Time to Turn the Crank Again! An Interview with Shaggy 2 Dope! Detroit Michigan’s very own Insane Clown Posse runs an underground hip-hop empire that can’t be touched by anyone. For over 20 drenched in Faygo years the wicked clowns have sold out shows across North America and the Juggalo culture just keeps on getting bigger and show no signs of going away anytime soon. Read on Page 64 or in our daily blog HERE

Upstroke Babylon: An Interview With The Interrupters [p.50] or in our daily blog HERE

The Interrupters Interview July 2016 Vandala Magazine

Some Of Us Really Need That EDM Festival Life! An Interview with Jay Gordon [p.58] or in our daily blog HEREOrgy Interview July 2016 Vandala Magazine

Move Over Lestat! Kung Fu Vampire for the Win! [p.42]  in our daily blog HERE

Kung Fu Vampire Interview July 2016 Vandala Magazine

Crowbar Strong As Ever [p.72]

Crowbar Interview July 2016 Vandala Magazine

June 2016 Cover Interview: Johan Soderberg on Amon Amarth’s Devastating New RecordAmon Amarth June 2016 Cover Interview

One of the premier death metal guitarists in the world Johan Soderberg opens up about his goals and band’s new album. Read on Page 70 or in our daily blog HERE

Napalm Death – Happiness, Dignity, and Grindcore for All [p.78]

Napalm Death Interview June 2016 Vandala Magazine

           The Life of Harley Flanagan [p.62] or in our daily blog HERE

Interview The Life of Harley Flanagan June 2016 Vandala Magazine

Mac Sabbath: A Multimedia Experience [p.92] or in our daily blog HEREMac Sabbath Interview June 2016 Vandala Magazine

A Life Lived Through Music An Interview Stella Vander […]            Stella Vader of Magnum Interview June 2016 Vandala Magazine

Revocation: Evolution, Riffs, and Writing […] or in our daily blog HERERevocation Interview June 2016 Vandala Magazine

Touring, Writing and The Magic Of Music With Hatchet  […] in our daily blog HERE

Hatchet Interview June 2016 Vandala Magazine

May 2016 Cover Interview –  Lita For: Great Scott! Let’s Take a Time Capsule Back to the 80’s!May 2016 Vandala LIta Ford Cover Interview

Lita Ford is the true definition of what 1980’s hair metal was all about! With her new album ‘Time Capsule’ just released and her touring we caught up with her to talk about the 80’s, the album in depth and more. Read on Page 60 or in our daily blog HERE

What Truly Lies Behind those Crazy Eyes An Interview with Richard Patrick of FilterMay 2016 Vandala Interview Richard Patrick of Filter

Filter is back with their heaviest and darkest album to date Crazy Eyes! It’s a quick one, but fans of Filter will appreciate the details Richard brought forth inside his answers to our questions! Page 44 or in our daily blog HERE

May 2016 Vandala Enter Shikari Rou Reynolds InterviewEnter Shikari – Expanding and Accelerating with Rou Reynolds

He talks touring, “Redshift”, world event, music and much more! Page 68

Folk’s Not Dead – An Interview with Jeffrey Lewis May 2016 Vandala Interview Jeffery Lewis

Between his work writing and illustrating comic books and his music which travels through punk, acoustic folk, and noisy rock ‘n’ roll, he and his monolithic talent shine through the prisms of various modes of expression. On his new album, Manhattan, his decade-plus of story-telling and emotional honesty in songwriting coagulate into what may be his most solid release yet. Jeffrey Lewis  sat down with Vandala to shed some light on his work. Page 44

Mortiis – Who is The Great Deceiver?May 2016 Vandala Interview Mortiis

Norway’s Mortiis is back with his most anticipated release ever; “The Great Deceiver. A crushing industrial music effort that is bound to take listeners into the hellish musical mind of Mortiis for the better which he talks about with Vandala.  Page 76

April 2016 Cover Interview: Frank Turner – All the Kids are Talking SlangApril 2016 Vandala Magazine Frank Turner Cover Interview

We caught up with Frank just before departing for his Canadian run about the new record, his recently published touring memoir and the importance of what it means to be an entertainer Read on Page 50 of April 2016 Vandala Magazine or in our daily blog HERE

Canadian Juggalo Invasion – Monoxide of TwiztidApril 2016 Vandala Magazine Twiztid Interview

Twiztid have had the rap game on lock for over 20 years and continue to grow a constant rabid fan base that has taken over the underground scene like a zombie plague.  Twiztid show no signs of slowing down anytime soon and will probably keep touring for another 20 years. Vandala chatted with the band to get details, future plans and stories from the road. Page 40 of April 2016 Vandala Magazine or in our daily blog HERE

Guitarist Richard Shaw of Cradle of Filth Talks North American Tour, and Favourite Moments.April 2016 Vandala Magazine Cradle of Filth Interview

Before their February 26th, 2016  show in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, guitarist Richard Shaw of extreme metal band, Cradle of Filth sat down with me and discussed some of this favourite moments throughout the group’s North American tour thus far.  Page 58 of April 2016 Vandala Magazine or in our daily blog HERE

Did Somebody Say Symptomatic? Interview with Virus SyndicateApril 2016 Vandala Magazine - Virus Syndicate Interview

Virus Syndicate are the kings of British grime and no other hip-hop act is fierce enough to take away that crown, for they’re undoubtedly the most fierce and brilliant Hip-Hop act out of Manchester UK within the last ten years.  Virus Syndicate gave a very interesting interview about freedom of speech to politics.  Page 66 of April 2016 Vandala Magazine or in our daily blog HERE

March 2016 Cover Interview:‘We Don’t Try To Be Loud, We ARE Loud’ An Interview With Paul Bostaph of SlayerMarch 2016 Vandala Magazine - Slayer Cover Interview

Slayer are the one and only. The princes of darkness, the lords of thrash and the band who will quite literally play the soundtrack to the apocalypse. We got to sit down with their drummer Paul Bostaph and find out more about the explosive force behind the bands trademark rhythms. . Read on Page 52 or in our daily blog HERE

The Spirit of Rock and Roll with BobaflexMarch 2016 Vandala Magazine Bobaflex Interview

Marty McCoy of Bobaflex is a bonafide rock and roller in the grand old style. We got to sit down and talk about why he loves the genre, and how he seeks to reflect that in his own music. Page 34 or in our daily blog HERE

Is It A Dream? An Interview with Toothgrinder’s Wills WellerMarch 2016 Vandala Magazine Toothgrinder Interview

The mathematicians and madmen who from Asbury Park, New Jersey’s Toothgrinder have arrived in a big way. After years on the road, Nocturnal Masquerade, their debut full-length has been spinning heads throughout the worlds of rock and metal. Wills Weller as energetic and enthusiastic as you might expect from someone who hits the skins for an act such as Toothgrinder. Page 42 or in our daily blog HERE

‘I Just Want to be Proud in What I Got to Take Part in Making’ John Kevill of WarbringerMarch 2016 Vandala Magazine Warbringer Interview Dana Zuk Photography

John Kevill has always been a charismatic dude, and a very intelligent one too. Picking his brain about the spirit of metal, what Warbringer really is and what it means to be a performer was a fascinating experience.  Page 60 or in our daily blog HERE

“Do What You Like” An Interview with Parker Jameson of Starkill
March 2016 Vandala Magazine Starkill Interview

Parker Jameson of Starkill seems to be not fully over the fact that his band is doing so well and touring internationally. One of the most exciting acts out there right now, and Parker, with all his charm makes for a captivating interview. Page 72 or in our daily blog HERE

“There’s Not Enough People Smiling In The World” an Interview with Exmortus 

March 2016 Vandala Magazine Exmortus Interview

New Material and the Future of Anthrax, An interview with Charlie Benante

February 2016 Vandala Magazine Cover Interview AnthraxWe got a chance to talk with Charlie Benante of Anthrax  about the upcoming new album in detail and the power of music. Read on Page 48 or on our Daily Blog HERE

Killing Posers with Incantation  Read on Page 42Incantation-Dirges-of-Elysium-Hi-Res

Janaury 2015 Cover Interview: Beyond Past and Future An Interview with Tommy Giles Rogers of Between The Buried And Me’s

Jan 2016 Vandala Magazine Cover Interview BTBAMBetween The Buried And Me’s latest album Coma Ecliptic, has seen them taking a bold leap forward into spastic jamming, powerful melodies, and new lyrical/story-telling territories as well, ranking highly on the Best Albums of 2015 Lists of writers and readers alike. On a stop for the tour of this new album, vocalist/keyboardist Tommy Giles Rogers sits down with us to chat. Read on Page 38 or or on our Daily Blog HERE

Humble Words with Mike Dean of Corrosion of Conformity

Jan 2016 Vandala Magazine Interview COCMike Dean is soft spoken, laid back, and strangely wise – an interesting figure to pick apart to be sure – which is exactly what we did! Read on Page 32 or on our Daily Blog HERE

 Drumming into Destruction with Tom Hunting of ExodusJan 2016 Vandala Magazine Interview with Exodus

Tom Hunting is a hard living fun loving dude with a lot of stories to tell and a wealth of metal knowledge. Digging into the history of metal with him and talking about what makes a great drummer was far too much fun. Read on Page 98 on our Daily Blog HERE

Longevity, Momentum, and Suicide Cults An Interview with Sherwood Webber  & Joe Keyzer of Skinless

Jan 2016 Vandala Magazine Skinless InterviewNew York City death metal titans who, for twenty-three years have been delivering no-holds-barred brutality and insanely high energy live performances. This year, they’ve returned from a six-year album gap to slaughter the metal world with Only the Ruthless Remain, and, with the addition of a lead guitarist, it just might be their finest album yet. On the last stop of their east coast mini-tour, vocalist Sherwood “Thunder Wheel” Webber took some time out to chat with us. Read on Page 46  or on our Daily Blog HERE

Love and Gratitude – An Interview With Black Cobra

Jan 2016 Vandala Magazine Interview with Black CobraRafael Martinez is  distinctly good dude – in my chat with him I got the impression that he’s just happy to be here and sharing his music with the world. It’s hard to believe that music as demented as that of Black Cobra could come from someone with such hope in their heart. Read on Page 108 on our Daily Blog HERE

December 2015 Cover Interview: Music &
Mystery with Blind GuardianBlind Guardian December 2015 Vandala Magazine

Hansi Kursch gave an incredibly interesting interview where we got a chance to get into the true motivations behind his art.  Read on Page 46 or on our Daily Blog HERE

 Horror and Madness with Grave Digger

Grave DIgger Interview December 2015 Vandala MagazineOn their first real US tour after thirty five years of being a band we got to sit down with Chris Boltendahl and talk about the motivations behind his music and the eternal power of speed metal! Read on Page 40

Roots, Children and the Future with So Hideous

So Hideous December 2015 Vandala MagazineBrandon of So Hideous is a fascinating dude. Distinctly friendly – an aspect that’s sure to come in handy for this elementary school teacher and incredibly intelligent his band So Hideous has just put out Laurestine, an album that may very well be the post metal record of the year. Read on Page 54

Author and Punisher December 2015 Vandala MagazinePoses of Power – An Interview With Author & Punisher

Musician, sculptor, inventor, mad scientist. Tristan Shone, better known as Author & Punisher, has earned these titles and then some by creating an elaborate series of heavy, mechanical instruments and voice-modulating masks, surrounding himself with them, and playing them with every part of his body in use. He sat down with us pre-show to talk metal, both physical and aural, while holding a wrench. Read on Page 62

November 2015 Cover Interview The Southern Spitfire: Strange and Beautiful Music with Tech N9neNovember 2015 Vandala Magazine Cover Interview - Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne has been testing and bending the boundaries of hip hop for years, collaborating with everyone from Slipknot to The Doors to Kendrick Lamar and Eminem. This past May Tech released his 15th studio album Special Effects to rave reviews and has already named his follow up album for 2016, as well as a Strange Music collaboration project called Strangulation II. We talked to Tech about Special Effects and all manner of strange and beautiful music. Read on Page 58 in our online flip magazine or Read on our Daily Posts 

High Energy with Adam Blake of H2ONovember 2015 Vandala Magazine - Adam Blake H20 Interview

7 years on from their last album of new music Nothing To Prove, Use Your Voice is H2O’s sixth studio album (not including 2011’s covers album Don’t Forget Your Roots). It’s filled with the same brand of high energy, catchy, positive punk rock the band is known for. Adam Blake, who has been the band’s bassist since 1997, spoke to us about the new record, the history of the band and the state of music in 2015. Read on Page 50 or on our daily feed HERE in our online flip magazine or Read on our Daily Posts 

Bonded By Blood – Interview with Krisun’s Max KolesneNovember 2015 Vandala Magazine - Krisiun Interview

A hallowed name in the Death Metal world, Krisiun, and the three brothers from Brazil who form it, have been delivering lightning-fast technical brutality in nomine Satanas for 25 years . As the Metal Injection’s Devastation Across The Nation tour wound down on its East Coast leg, Vandala had a chat with drummer Max Kolesne in a warehouse-like back room of Philadelphia’s Voltage Lounge. Read on Page 44

Gnarly and Weird – An Interview with  Shawn Knight  of Child BiteNovember 2015 Vandala Magazine - Child Bite Interview

After the Philadelphia date of their tour with KEN Mode, singer/graphic designer Shawn Knight sat down for a  chat about their music, manically leaps from place to place and more. Read on Page 72

 Living Large with ExmortusOctober 2015 Vandala Magazine Interview with Exmortus

Exmortus are a bunch of fun loving and hard partying dudes who really love heavy metal. Talking with them about the power of glam and what makes their work so potent was far too much fun. Read on Page 50 or or on our daily feed HERE

Looking at Yourself with Emil Amos of Holy Sons, Grails, and Om

Fall Of Man' Album Cover, Holy Sons Thrill Jockey RecordsBetween his 12-album solo career under the moniker of Holy Sons and his work drumming for Grails and Om, Emil Amos has been steadily prolific since first emerging from his basement at the turn of the century. We caught up with him to find out details.  Read on Page 64 or on our daily feed HERE

Trippy Vibes With Ecstatic VisionOctober 2015 Vandala Magazine - Interview Ecstatic Vision

Doug Sabolik doesn’t especially like pop music but he has a great sense of his own place in the world and the power of psychedelic music. Talking to him about life the universe and everything was a truly mind expanding experience. Read on Page 70 or on our daily feed HERE

September 2015 Cover Interview
Sublime with Rome: “Panic & Gasoline” Interview with Rome

September 2015 Vandala - Sublime with Rome InterviewIn the wake of the release of their newest album ‘Sirens’ we caught up with Rome to talk about the record, the history of the band, and working with the ‘best drummer in rock n’ roll’. Read on Page 60 or on our daily feed HERE

Momentum With Murder FM

September 2015 Vandala - Murder Fm InterviewWith rapid momentum, Murder FM (Murder F*cking Music, in full) are in their ascent from the dive bar to the mega-stadiums in which they had seen KISS and Motley Crue as impressionable young’ns. Their dark, industrial-tinged fist-pumping anthems have been picking up both critical buzz and radio airplay, striking chords within a diverse array of music-lovers. Between managing the affairs of his band, living on the road, and being a father, it’s remarkable that frontman and songwriter Norman Matthew found any time in his schedule to answer our questions. Read on Page 54 in our online flip magazine or Read on our Daily Posts 

Depression and Darkness with Scott Kelly of NeurosisSeptember 2015 Vandala - Scott Kelly of Neurosis Interview

Scott Kelly is an inspiring dude and one who is a pleasure to talk to. He has a lot of deep thoughts and well articulated emotions and getting to pick his brain is truly a dream come true. Read on Page 68 in our online flip magazine or Read on our Daily Posts 

Counting Down to Extinction with Cattle Decapitation’s  Josh Elmore
September 2015 Vandala - Interview Cattle Decapitation's Josh Elmore

More complex and terrifying than ever, the four-piece has evolved from fairly goofy gore-grind into one of the hardest hitting and most unique acts in extreme music. After their headlining show in Lancaster, PA, an off-date from the Summer Slaughter tour, guitarist Josh Elmore took some time to play the interview game with us. Read on Page 68 

September 2015 Vandala Magazine Interview Darius KoskiOther Interviews

*Sidewalk Serenades with Darius Koski [Page 42 of September 2015 Vandala Magazine]
*Classical Explorations with Roger O’Donnel [Page 48 of September 2015 Vandala Magazine]
*Braving Samsara with ‘Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth’s’ Tad Doyle [Page 86 of September 2015 Vandala Magazine]
*This Is Only The Beginning with Beyond Creation [Page 94 of September 2015 Vandala Magazine]
*American Nightmares with Jimmy Bower of Superjoint Ritual [Page 98 of September 2015 Vandala Magazine]

Kings of Chaos Set To Play Benefit Concert For The Dolphin Project

rockGods The Kings of Chaos are a band of veteran rock royalty, featuring a core lineup of Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver members Matt Sorum, Duff McKagan, and Gilby Clarke as well as a revolving lineup of members of Aerosmith, Def Leppard, and Deep Purple. The band is set to play a very special benefit concert  […]

August 2015 Cover Interview
Epica: Singing, Subjectivity, and the Science of the Soul with Simone Simons

August 2015 Vandala Magazine - Epica Cover InterviewThirteen years and six full lengths deep, the larger-than-life symphonic metal sextet Epica prepare for a trek through North America hot on the heels of their album the Quantum Before embarking on their journey vocalist Simone Simons sat down with us to talk fire, song-writing, science, and skin-care.
Read full interview in AUGUST 2015 VANDALA MAGAZINE on Page 50 HERE

SOUL MUSIC: An interview with Against Me!’s Atom Willard

August 2015 Vandala Magazine - Interview Atom Willard of Against MeYou won’t find many in the punk scene, or the music scene in general, who have had a more interesting an impressive career than Atom Willard. His resume is filled with great, sometimes genre defining bands such as Social Distortion, Rocket From The Crypt, The Offspring and more and now currently with Against Me!  Vandala had a lot to talk about upcoming live album 23 Live Sex Acts, next studio record and more. Read full interview in AUGUST 2015 VANDALA MAGAZINE on Page 58 HERE

From Augusts Vandala Magazine “Interview – Damning Mankind with Ancient Altar”

August 2015 Vandala Magazine - Ancient Altar InterviewAnother Psycho CA interview, this time with west coast darlings Ancient Altar, a band destined to call out mankinds bullshit and force us to look at the bleak reality we […]


From The Vault Interview – Baha Men “If I Stopped Doing Music I Honestly Believe I’d Die”

baha men 1Rik Carey is an incredible dude. Sure, he sang on one of the biggest songs of the last two decades but he remains humble, sweet and funny. We got to […]

Cover Interview
The Lacs – Country Boys  Making Their Own Sound

July 2015 Vandala Magazine - Cover Interview - The Lacs - Country Boys Making Their Own Sound

Mostly country, with a little rock, and a whole lot of Rapping from The Lacs who are doing what they love and doing it well. We caught up with the humble Clay “Uncle Snap” Sharpe to chat music, touring, and more.  READ FULL INTERVIEW ON PAGE 54 of our online flip magazine OR READ OUR BLOG POST 

Catching the Tide with Paul McKenzie of The Real McKenzies

July 2015 Vandala Magazine - Catching the Tide with Paul McKenzie of The Real McKenzies

Paul McKenzie, singer/songwriter/battle charge captain of Vancouver based band The Real McKenzies, he sounds at peace and literally is out in the middle of English Bay to give us an amazing interview. Plus we even learned a few new things. READ FULL INTERVIEW ON PAGE 44 or READ IN OUR DAILYPOSTS

July 2015 Vandala Magazine - Dustin Kensrue New Album & Keeping BusyDustin Kensrue New Album & Keeping Busy

Dustin Kensrue is still probably best known as the singer/guitarist of post hardcore heroes Thrice. But he’s been a busy man with his own project and new solo  album  ‘Carry the Fire’ and much more.  READ FULL INTERVIEW ON PAGE 38 of our online flip magazine OR READ OUR BLOG POST 

Crashing Psycho California 2015 Festival

July 2015 Vandala - Crashing Psycho California 2015 Festival

The name of the festival says it all and Vandala thought it would be fun to send one of our bravest  journalists to see what the festival was all about. Being the social guy he pushed the limits to bring home a bunch of interviews!

Thrashing in the Free World with Municipal Waste

July 2015 Vandala Magazine - Thrashing in the Free World with Municipal WasteAnother interview at Psycho CA this time with the legendary Municipal Waste possibly the fastest band on the doom fest. We get to talk about partying and thrash and what it means for society as a whole…  INTERVIEW ON PAGE 71 OF JULY 2015 MAGAZINE (CLICK HERE) of our online flip magazine OR READ OUR BLOG POST 

July 2015 Vandala Magazine Magic and Mayhem with EarthMagic and Mayhem with Earth

Psycho CA is a trippy place and I never envisaged myself sitting down with Earth to talk about shamanism, but there I was. Earth have a deeper understanding of music and delving into that is an adventure to say the least…READ THE FULL INTERVIEW OF  OF JULY 2015 MAGAZINE ON PAGE 64 – CLICK HERE

Sludging It Up with Lord Dying

July 2015 Vandala Magazine Sludging It Up with Lord DyingCrowbar worshippers through and through Lord Dying are some wonderfully messed up dudes. Understanding their music and tattoos took some searching, but in the end it paid off. READ THE FULL INTERVIEW OF  OF JULY 2015 MAGAZINE ON PAGE 81 – CLICK HERE

Taking Care of the Demons with Steve Colca of Destroyer of Light

July 2015 Vandala Magazine Taking Care of the Demons with Steve Colca of Destroyer of LightDestroyer of Light are quite the band having navigated the US multiple times in their relatively short career. Now with a new record in the works Steve Colca takes a chance to sit down with me and talk about the very nature of his music. READ THE FULL INTERVIEW OF  OF JULY 2015 MAGAZINE ON PAGE 81 – CLICK HERE

July 2015 Vandala Magazine Finding the Fuel with AtriarchFinding the Fuel with Atriarch

Atriarch are quite the tortured souls, digging into what they hate about society and how they feel we should change was an inspiring experience to say the least. READ THE FULL INTERVIEW OF  OF JULY 2015 MAGAZINE ON PAGE 94 – CLICK HERE

The Nature of Metal 

July-2015-Vandala-Nature-of-Metal-with-PallbearerI spent all weekend hanging with Pallbearer at Psycho CA and they had some really fascinating opinions about metal In this interview we dig in and try to get at what metal is all about. READ ON PAGE 76 of JULY 2015 VANDALA MAGAZINE HERE

Interview – Bloodmoon and The Power of Music at Psycho CA bloodmoon photoMy first interview of Psycho CA and I was already digging into the very nature of a band. What more could you want out of an interview than to understand […]

Cover Interview 
Peace and Protest – Interview Anti Flags  Drummer Pat Thetic


Drummer Pat Thetic was there at the beginning. He started the group with its singer Justin Sane and continues to be a driving creative force in the band. We spoke with him about the new record and the old politics of this very outspoken punk rock unit. READ FULL INTERVIEW ON PAGE 62 or in our POST HERE

Matt Skiba and The Sekrets – Inside the New Album ‘KUTS” with Matt Skiba

May-June-Vandala-Magazine--Inside-the-New-Album-‘KUTS”--with-Matt-SkibaWith the upcoming release of the  the second record of Matt Skiba and the Sekrets (with members of AFI and My Chemical Romance). We spoke with Matt about the upcoming record and his future plans for the band.  READ FULL INTERVIEW ON PAGE 52 or in our POST HERE

April 2015 Cover Interview 
Wave of Pixilation: 
Conversations with The Pixies David Lovering and Joey Santiago

The Pixies Interivew - March 2015 Vandala MagazineUndoubtedly one of the most influential bands of the 90’s, The Pixies have been making waves and headliners the last ten years with renewed activity, including a new album (‘Indie Cindy’) and a continuous, and sold out, touring schedule all over the world.

With an east coast run about to kick off in Memphis on May 1st, we spoke with drummer and guitarist, and founding members, David Lovering and Joey Santiago about the Pixies past, present and future. READ FULL INTERVIEW ON PAGE 50 read in our blog here: PT1 and PT2

Cavity Search: Words with Masked Intruder’s Blue

Masked-Intruder-Interview---April-2015-Vandala-MagazineMasked Intruder are a band of convicts from Wisconsin. They’re known for their poppy, catchy hooks and sunny songs of love, life and crime in and out of the Big House, as well as for their color coordination. Each member, Blue, Red, Yellow and Green, has matching shoes, instruments and ski masks. And while their true identity may never be known, even by them, they’ve gathered an impressive following for a band so recently released from incarceration.

They’re about to hit the road with Strung Out, which includes a cross Canada run. I gave Blue a call in an undisclosed location to discuss the tour, the fans and, of course, prison.  READ FULL INTERVIEW ON PAGE 42 or in our BLOG 

Staying Awake with Yob


Mike Scheidt is a cosmic dude and he has some pretty fascinating views about the nature of reality as well as what doom metal means in a larger context. In an in depth interview we get to see Scheidy at his absolute finest, shooting the shit about what he loves.   STARTS ON PAGE 62

From the Vault – Interview with Marzi Montazeri “Dimebag Darrell and Music as a God”

462462990In Honour of the “Randy Rhoads Remembered: Rhoads Across America Tour 2015” we went in our vault to bring a really great interview from the past to share with Marzi Montazeri. Please note adult content. READ INTERVIEW

March 2015 Cover Interview
Getting Struck By Lighting (Twice!): A Conversation with AWOLNATION’s  Aaron Bruno

Aaron Bruno  is focused, excited and properly anxious for the world to hear AWOLNATION’s new record ‘Run’, which drops in mid March. And judging by the already excellent reception of ‘Run’s first single ‘Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)’ and the million plus hits its already snagged on YouTube, it looks as though the story of AWOLNATION is still just beginning. READ FULL INTERVIEW ON PAGE 44 or read in our blog HERE

In This Mess: A Conversation with toyGuitars Jack Dalrymple

March 2015 Vandala Magazine - In This Mess - A Conversation with toyGuitars Jack Dalrymple Jack Dalrymple, though he would be very reluctant to agree, is a bonafide bay area legend. Having fronted or been a part of some of the scene’s coolest, most influential bands, including One Man Army, Swingin’ Utters and Dead To Me, his new band, toyGuitar, is a catchy, breezy bit of pop punk that sounds like both fresh and like the classic Dalrymple material we all know and love.  We spoke to him recently  about his new band, his old ones, and why he’d like to punch himself in the face when he sees pictures of the Utters on tour in Canada.  READ FULL INTERVIEW ON PAGE 38 of March 2015 Vandala Online Magazine or in blog post HERE

AEON – Keep Supporting Death Metal!

March 2015 Interview with Aeon Full of primal rage and belly laughs, Aeon are Swedish metal lords. Far removed from their peers in bands like Entombed and Nihilist, Tommy Dahlstöm the bands singer shares with us some wisdom from his life on the road.  STARTS ON PAGE 30 March 2015 Vandala Online Magazine OR READ HERE

A Return to Primal Brutality with Exhumed

March-2015-Vandala-Magazine---Interview-with-Exhumed-1(edited)Matt Harvey is an interesting dude, and something of a legend. When he rerecords a record, you better damn well listen, because it just may change your life.   CATCH HIS THOUGHTS STARTING ON PAGE 50

February 2015 Cover Interview Dr.Dog
Band Wanted Live: 
Interview with 
bassist-vocalist Toby Leaman 

Cover Interview - Dr. Dog From February 2015 Vandala MagazineVandala spoke with Toby, bassist and Vocalist of Dr. Dog.  This band is a no holds barred creative smorgasbord. Bringing crazy fun harmonies, classic rock  and now with the addition of a true talent on drums, their new live album is an impressive testament to their unique musical stylings.


GONNA BE A FIGHT: An interview with Danko Jones

Danko Jones Interview from February 2015 Vandala Magazine

This month Danko Jones will release their brand new full length Fire Music, one of their hardest rocking and catchiest records to date. We caught up with singer/guitarist Danko himself in between shows and marketing for the new record to discuss the new album, the band’s Misfits influence and the financial state of modern music.  READ FULL INTERVIEW ON PAGE 40 OR READ ONLINE HERE

Let The Music Do the Talking – A Conversation with Murder By Death’s Adam Turla  

Interview with Murder By Death From February 2015 Vandala MAagazine

Vandala catches up with Adam Turla to talk about Murder By Deaths music, past and current albums, writing and other interesting thoughts.  STARTS ON PAGE 32

Night Demon, Modern Day Rock n’ Roll Heroes

Night Demon Interview from February 2015 Vandala Magazine

Jarvis the Night Demon front man cuts quite the figure, his sideburns and greased back hair prove him to be a true rock and roller of a breed often forgotten. It was truly enlightening to pick his brain about the madness of the rock and roll music he holds so dear.   CATCH HIS THOUGHTS STARTING ON PAGE 26 READ ONLINE HERE

A389 Recordings X Anniversary Bash CoverageA389 Recordings X Anniversary Bash Coverage From February 2015 Vandala Magazine

Pharaoh, Home studios and heavy Jams
A389 Bash Photo Highlights Josh Sisk
Dangerous Entertainment – Haymaker

January 2015 Cover Interview
Comedy, Catholicism and Loud Guitars
with Zakk Wylde

Zakk-Wylde-Interview---January-2015-Vandala-MagazineA true heavy metal legend, Zakk Wylde blew us away with his humor and kindness, truly bringing heavy metal to people of all generations.   
READ FULL INTERVIEW ON PAGE 44 of January 2015 Vandala Magazine for Free or  READ ONLINE HERE

Battlecross: A Band For This Time and Place:  An Interview with Hiran Deraniyagala


Heavy metal masters who are on the brink of becoming true lords of the genre, Battlecross are one of the most exciting bands out there today. It was an honor to sit down the always eloquent Hiran Deraniyagala and learn about what makes his music so special. READ FULL INTERVIEW ON PAGE 36 of January 2015 Vandala Magazine OR  READ ONLINE HERE

Clutch – Tim Sult on Clutch’s New Record


Tim Sult is a truly interesting individual, a guitar god with the demeanor of a dentist, he’s a cool dude to get to talk to. We sat down for about fifteen minutes and discussed his upcoming record and the future of the band, it seems like we have promising things to come!  CATCH HIS THOUGHTS STARTING ON PAGE 30 of January 2015 Vandala Magazine  OR  READ ONLINE HERE

From The Vault:  Interview – Accounting, Hating on Season of Mist, and Music with KEN Mode:

Ken Mode Shane and Jesse, two fun loving brothers who have a tendency to wax eloquent about everything and nothing. A truly interesting band who somehow manage to make enough of a living off their music to … READ INTERVIEW OR  READ ONLINE HERE


Lagwagon Back & Better Than Ever 
An Interview with Joey Cape


With a new album out to critical acclaim and commercial success
(in punk rock terms), Lagwagon can with firm resolution claim that they are back and better than ever. We caught up with Wagon vocalist Joey Cape to discuss the new album, the tour, and things that rhyme with disco.  READ ON PAGE 50 of DECEMBERS VANDALA  for Free or  READ ONLINE HERE

Books, Prison & Life with Randy Blythe


Randy Blythe is one of the most fanatically intelligent people in metal. Well read and always interesting to talk to, and he shared his knowledge with Vandala. READ FULL INTERVIEW ON PAGE 66 for Free or  READ ONLINE HERE

The End of the Weak:
An Interview with Swingin’ Utters Johnny Bonnel

Swingin’-Utters--Interview---December-2014-Vandala-MagazineWe caught up with the Utters’ Johnny Bonnel (Peebucks), to discuss the band’s history, the new record and the sudden burst of activity. INTERVIEW STARTS ON PAGE 42 of DECEMBERS VANDALA  or READ ONLINE HERE

Strange Reality and Pushing Boundaries with Napalm Death An Interview with Mitch Harris

Napalm-Death-Interview---December-2014-Vandala-MagazineMitch Harris is always an interesting man to talk too and on this particular interview he seemed especially tuned in. With a unique view on life, I could listen to him ponder the nature of reality all day!  CATCH HIS THOUGHTS STARTING ON PAGE 60 of DECEMBERS VANDALA for Free or  READ ONLINE HERE

37Dave Hill: Comedy, Phil Anselmo, and His Ass– I got a chance to talk to a personal hero of mine, the King of Metal himself in Texas. Much more shy and re-served than his stage persona might suggest Hill still gave interesting incites onto his work with Phil Anselmo and how touring life can hurt your ass. READ HERE FREE or in DECEMBERS VANDALA

Interview with Voivod - December 2014 VandalaRemembering Piggy and the Future of Voivod – Voivod have been through a lot in the past few years and they share it at every opportunity. An interview with Chewy, the bands new guitarist, shows that the legend is far from over.  in DECEMBERS VANDALA

Interview with King Parrot - December 2014 VandalaHousecore, Touring and 2015 with Todd from King Parrot – It was the final day of Housecore Horror Film Festival  and days of heavy drinking were taking their toll. We got together and talked about the future of one of the most exciting bands in metal today, showing that even in the Texas heat, cool things can happen!  in DECEMBERS VANDALA

Drugs and Doom with Acid Witch – The final day of Housecore Festival in Texas was long and hot. Fortunately the doom/stoner metal masters Acid Witch were able to liven things up with a memorable set, and badass interview to match!  in DECEMBERS VANDALA

Eagleforehead Tattoos and Misadventures with Gasmiasma Jordan from Gasmiasma has a very distinct tattoo of an eagle on his forehead and a lot of interesting stories to tell. We caught up at Housecore and delved into the inner magic of his band.  in DECEMBERS VANDALA

Cover Inteview
“Behind the Scenes with the Metal War Historians, Sabaton”
Interview with Joakim Broden &  Hannes Van Dahl


 “Sabaton is quite possible the next biggest thing on the global metal stage. They’ve opened for Iron Maiden, toured relentlessly over the last 7 or 8 years and are one of the most prominent bands on the Nuclear Blast roster. David Khan caught up with the band before they hit the stage to talk about their music, touring and more” Read the Full  Interview on page 54 of Novembers Vandala Magazine  PLUS LOTS OF PHOTOS OF AMON AMARTH AND SABATON HERE

Cover Interview – “Exodus”
Thrashin’ it up with Zetro

Exodus Interview October 2014 Vandala MagazineVandala Magazine had the honor of chatting with Zetro of Exodus about into what makes this man tick, and why he loves the new record upcoming record  “Blood In Blood Out”. If you’re a fan of fast music and brutal riffs, the bands new record “ is definitely going to be one of your all time favorites, it certainly is among Zetro’s!  Read Full Interview on page 56 Octobers Vandala Magazine  OR in our daily posts HERE

Cannibal Corpse 

The New Record and the Eternal 15 Year Old

Cannibal Corpse Interivew October 2014-Vandala Magazine Death metal LEGEND Rob Barret chats about the new record, and the lasting power of Cannibal Corpse.  READ FULL INTERVIEW on pg. 52 Octobers Vandala Magazine OR in our daily posts HERE

Interview with Chris DeMakes of Less Than Jake

Less than Jake Interview October 2014 Vandala Maga

“With the band gearing up for a North American tour, we had a chat with guitarist/vocalist Chris DeMakes about the band’s history, the new record and more” READ FULL INTERVIEW on pg. 42  Octobers Vandala Magazine

Hawkwind and The Spirituality of Music With Nick TurnerHawkwind and The Spirituality of Music With Nick Turner

A  bona fide “Rock Star” talks about his career, stories, and most importantly the spiritual aspects of his music.” READ FULL INTERVIEW on pg. 34 Octobers Vandala Magazine

A Sunny Day in Brooklyn with  Emily Kopplin, Stoner Rock Princess

Mount Salem Interview October 2014 Vandala Magazine

 “It was a beautiful afternoon in New York City when I had the pleasure of meeting Emily Kopplin of Mount Salem. After talking for a bit we decided to do an interview, because, why the hell not? What followed was a discussion on the power of music, and what inspires her band.” READ FULL INTERVIEW on pg. 30 Octobers Vandala Magazine

Cover Interview September  – “Legends Never Die”

Interview with Descendents’ Bill Stevenson

An interview with Descendents’ Bill Stevenson September 2014 Vandala Magazine

With their recent reemergence on the live circuit, as well as a forthcoming album I spoke with Bill Stevenson recently, about the band’s history, the new record and Milo (Aukerman) and Chad (Price) trading songs between Descendents and ALL like baseball cards. Read Full Interview on page 52 Vandala Magazine or CLICK HERE

Interview “New music with Paul Masvidal” From September 2014 Vandala MagazineInterview

“New music with Paul Masvidal”

Sitting backstage at one of Philadelphia’s grandest venues, Paul Masvidal starts to open up to a young fan. In just a few minutes, he transferred from cautious and gentle answers, to announcing a new full length album, and in fact an entirely new project. This could be the glimpse at Masvidals future that we all crave.  READ FULL INTERVIEW on pg. 38  Septembers Vandala Magazine

“Loud Music and Peruvian Adventures with

David Kush of the Atlas Moth”


  On a scorching August day in New York, Matt Bacon had driven through five states just to get to the show. When he got to sit down with the vocalist and guitarist in one of his favorite bands, he wasn’t expecting to be given an account of his journeys with the mysterious Peruvian shamans. READ FULL INTERVIEW on pg. 38 Vandala Septembers Magazine or READ POST HERE

Cover Interview August 

“Monster Truck: Crushing Their Way Across Canada”

Interview with Jeremy Widerman

We caught up with Jeremy at Edgefest to find out more about the upcoming tour with Alice in Chains, R&R and radio, and the origins of Monster Truck. Plus we also caught some great photos of the band at Keloha Music and Art Festival. READ INTERVIEW HERE or READ ONLINE HERE

Cover Interview

Local Natives – “Touring Half Way to the Moon”

Interview with Taylor Rice


We were lucky enough to catch up with Taylor Rice whose band has toured half way to the moon. Seriously, they won an award given by Songkick. Plus news on a new album and more. READ INTERVIEW HERE

Cover Interview - Grieves “A Man On The Move”Cover Interview

Grieves “A Man On The Move”


For Junes cover Vandala was able to catch up with Grieves on his massive tour. We chatted about his inspirations, touring, writing and more” READ NOW  or READ FULL INTERVIEW HERE on page 56 of Junes Vandala Magazine

Comeback Kid Live On Location With Andrew Neufeld

Live-On-Location-Interview-with-Andrew-Neufeld-of-The-Band-Comeback-Kid JUNE 2014 Vandala Magazine

With a hard hitting new album, new video and a large tour we caught one of Canada’s biggest hardcore bands live on location in Kelowna, BC. Andrew talked about the album, events around the album, the bands history and more. Read in Junes Vandala Magazine (always free!) HERE or  READ FULL INTERVIEW HERE on page 50 of Junes Vandala Magazine

Interview – All That Jazz with Lindsay Kupser

Lindsay KupserI met Lindsay Kupser on the nicest day Calgary’s had to offer so far at Phil and Sebastian, a coffee joint known for its gluten free and vegan selections. Having met through a mutual friend, I was surprised our conversation went as easily as it did, but then again, Ms. Kupser is full of the unexpected. READ INTERVIEW HERE or  In Junes Vandala Magazine

“SoCal’s Punk Rockers Pennywise Kick off Tour with a New Album with an Interesting Twist”

Pennywise-Interview-Vandala-Magazine-May-2014For those of you who might not be familiar with Pennywise, the band was formed in 1988 in Hermosa Beach, California. The group signed to Epitaph Records in 1990 and released their first album Pennywise (1991) where the album quickly circulated throughout the punk community, earning the band some nation-wide recognition. Lyrics in the album endorsed a positive mental attitude, helping promote progressive ideals for Generation X. As Pennywise hits their silver anniversary I had the chance to catch up with Randy Bradbury. As anyone would imagine the punk rocker in me was jumping up and down when I heard I would have the honor, but little did I know what treat I was in for. We chatted about their upcoming album, the story behind it, and this history of the SoCal punk scene in the 1980’s. READ FULL INTERVIEW HERE on page 54 of Mays Vandala Magazine OR CLICK HERE

 Interview with Russ Rankin –   “New Album, New Label, and Gearing up To Hit the Road”


Only-Crime-Interview-Vandala-Magazine-May-2014With well over 20 years clocked in “Good Riddance”, a well received solo record in 2012, two previous Only Crime records, as well as a day job with Apple and time spent as a hockey scout, Russ Rankin is a guy who keeps busy no matter what he’s doing. Now with a new Only Crime album (the first in seven years) on the horizon and an upcoming European tour, we caught up with Russ to discuss Only Crime’s creative process, the jazz influence and how he feels when people refer to the band as a ‘punk rock supergroup.’ READ FULL INTERVIEW READ FULL INTERVIEW on pg. 48 Vandala Magazine OR CLICK  HERE

The Architects “ Lost Together” Interview with Vocalist Sam Carter

The Architects “Lost Together” Interview with Vocalist Sam CarterThis month we caught the very talented vocalist Sam from the Architects. Bonding over our ridiculously early interview, and a serious lack of caffeine, we chatted about their huge spring summer tour across Europe, their sixth album, Lost Forever//Lost Together, and how we are all in the same ship of life, and connected. Funny enough while discussing their recording of their new album at the legendary Fredrerik’s studio in Sweden. A certain previous cover artist flooded their trailer causing friendly rivalry. READ HERE OR on page 40 of APRIL 2014 VANDALA MAGAZINE

I Killed The Prom Queen “Returns with Beloved”

Interview With Jona Weinhofen

Maarch-2014-Vandala-Magazine--Interivew-IKTPQAussie Metalcore heavyweights I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN are back with them comes ‘Beloved’ their heaviest cut of metal to date! Like its predecessor ‘Music For The Recently Deceased’ the new album was recorded at Sweden’s Studio Friedman, the birthplace of many a Melodic Death Metal masterpieces over the years. I had the distinct pleasure to chat with Jona Weinhofen about the making of Beloved, art, the state of the indie industry and the story behind IKTPQ signing a record deal with Epitaph. READ INTERVIEW on page 28 of MARCH 2014 VANDALA MAGAZINE

  The Jezabels – Reinventing Pop

The Jezabels interview feb 2014Lana Nimmons caught up with Hayley Mary who is the lead vocalist from the Jezabels. She gave an in depth interview where she talked about her career as a vocalist and it’s burdens, how they’re fresh off tour with the Pixies and Depeche Mode, and their new album “The Brink”. Things got a little deep when we started to pin point their transition from “indie” to pop, and what makes a good pop artist. Check it out on pg. 30 of Vandala Magazine.


“Dave Brockie and Oderus Urungus Method Behind the Madness”

40 41 gwar 1(edited)

Instead of doing the A-typical Gwar interview, filled with shenanigans, we got our journalist to dig a little deeper to understand the method behind all the madness, with that we ended up having was one of the most insightful interviews thus far. Read Now In October 2013 Vandala Magazine

Madchild “Transforming from Lawn Mower Man to Superbeast”

Madchild September Vandala Magazine

With a long list of success rapper Madchild still has had his struggles. He opens up to us about the tough years in his life of being addicted to drugs, and then recovering has been the ultimate healing process. Becoming more focused and driven than ever,there is no way of slowing down this Superbeast now. Vandala catches up with him for an in-depth chat about his new album and more. {Story and Interview Bag} Read Now In September 2013 Vandala Magazine

Young Guns “Kicking up the Jam From Here to Thailand”

Young Guns Interview - July 2013 Vandala MagazineInterview with Gustav Wood” Vandala had the distinct pleasure of speaking with lead singer Gustav Wood of the band Young Guns about the band’s recent efforts with touring the states after making a jump across the pond from London, England. Also the inside scoop on their album Bones, and ask him about his favorite wrestler of all time. Read full interview in July 2013 Vandala Magazine


Battlecross – “Seasoned Blue Collar Thrash”

Vancouver band Emberfield – “Exactly What We All Need, More Shine!

“Rykka a Natural Talent and Just Good Music”

 New Years Day – “From Fanboy to Villain” Interview with Anthony Barro of New Years Day

Retox Interview – Jerry Springer riot, YPPL, abrasive sounds and themes, Retox takes the punk scene by storm.

The Wonder Years -“Getting Ready to Dismantle The Summer of 2013

In Depth Interview with Christopher Bowes of Gloryhammer

Artist Spotlight – Milk Carton kids – “Two Guys, Two Guitars, Four Mics, & Groundbreaking Folk Rock

Bad Religion –  “Greg Hetson, legendary punk guitarist talks about “True North,” the state of the world, and the legendary frat party riot in 1979”

Live With Einherjer

In Flames – “10 Full Length Releases & Stronger Than Ever

Andrei Dumitrescu – Wintercoast 

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