8-Year NFL Vet Turned Indie Rock/Electric Soul Artist Joe Barksdale Announces Single

Austin-based, indie rock/electric soul artist and NFL player, Joe Barksdale announces  “BLACK MAJIK”, from his upcoming release, Sincerely, due out Fall  2020. A former NFL player for the Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Rams and San Diego Chargers,  Barksdale has been featured in articles for sites, such as ESPNThe Los Angeles Times, Fender,  San Diego Tribune, and CBS Sports, among others. Barksdale describes “Black Majik:” “The song is about temptation. It’s about fighting temptations, and the struggle of realizing that something is not good for you, but also acknowledging that it feels/tastes/sounds/etc so good to you. It’s a struggle that people are familiar with and something that people go through on a daily basis.”

He first fell in love with the guitar at the end of his 2013 season of football with the Rams.  Though always an avid music fan, it was not until he suffered a tragic loss that, in searching for a way to heal, he discovered a passion for playing guitar. Not too long after, he began playing with some of the best musicians at local blues jams in St. Louis, MO.

Continuing to hone his musical skills, influenced by the blues, rock and soul genres, Barksdale announced his first project, Butterflies, Rainbows, & Moonbeams in 2017. About the release, Blues Rock Review raved, “It’s an upbeat world, where funk and blues mingle, and where songs pop into existence, not because they fit within a certain genre, but because they’ll make the listener (and one suspects, the performer) happy.”  Subsequently, he released Electric Soul in 2019, produced by Grammy award-winning Narada Michael-Walden and formally retired from his successful football career to pursue music full-time in Austin, TX. Now, free to focus solely on recording, Barksdale is determined to become a household name in the music world.

Stay tuned for more announcements as Barksdale gears up to drop Sincerely this Fall!

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