Album Review – Tokimonsta – “Half Shadows” (Beats/Electronic/EDM/Pop)

Tokimonsta - “Half Shadows” Beat songstress, Tokimonsta largely known and celebrated for her work released under Flying Lotus’ label, Brainfeeder has well blossomed, and ventured into a more pop oriented realm, hence the release of “Half Shadows” on Ultra Records. While still keeping her fun, bouncy vibes alive, along with the big, dreamy, downtempo stylings, incorporating futuristic synth lines with traditional sounding instruments, the album is diversified by songs aimed at the dance floor and chillout bedroom sessions as well. “Focused Chaos” is a club bangin, neck breakin track with naturally flowing, unpredictable groove changes. However, Half Shadows manages to jump from club tracks to something soft, and lyrical like Clean Slate seamlessly. Featuring Gavin Turek, who has made appearances   in previous releases makes for a catchy, but thought provoking mix of beat music and dance pop. Funky disco track, “Foolish”, Gavin makes a second entrance under the mirror ball, which would make any party more eclectic. Single, “Go With It” features female pop chanteuse, MNDR. This collaboration fits like a glove, however what makes this track a standout is the descending bass line in the hook, and the easy going, evolving structure of the song like fluid poetry building tension and release consistently throughout. Another highlight is Sweet Williams, which turns the listener’s body and mind into a sponge, desperately soaking in the textural mass like rain on a vast landscape of the desert once inhabited by life. Tokimonsta has brought a new blend of beats, EDM and pop music to the musical plane. 4.5/5 Dragons

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– Review by Bag


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