Album Review – Tengger Cavalry “Ancient Call” (Nomadic Folk Metal)

Tengger Cavalry“Ancient Call”Review By Jeff Black– 3.5/5 Dragons
From August Vandala Magazine – READ MORE REVIEWS HERE

Just when you thought Folk Metal was dead and buried in a doom-shaped box, THIS comes out of nowhere in a flurry of blood, iron and hooves. This is the Cavalry’s sixth full length album since ‘10 and they’re only just starting to pick up steam west of the orient. Fans of their previous albums won’t find anything new in this new album; Ancient Call covers less musical ground compared to 2013’s The Expedition. For the uninitiated folkie, this album will be a refreshing treat as an array of Kazakh and Turkic folk instruments hold court over metallic chug-a-chug chords and double kicks. While the music occasionally threatens to sink into the mire of laziness that Eluveitie and Epica have drowned in, there are just enough decent riffs and guitar solos to pass. The pass. The throat-singing and asian fiddles are the best bits, singing hymns to wolf and khan with a rich legitimacy that reminds me of Arkona. “Battle Song from Far Away” is the track I keep coming back to.


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