Album Review – Rachel Sermanni “Under Mountains” (Folk)

Rachel Sermanni “Under Mountains” (Folk) Rachel’s song writing world is dominated by rich visual fairytale like imagery, the sea, stars, bone white moons, monsters and birds all enter her dreamlike world (perhaps influenced by her home in the Highlands in Scotland?); which she conveys in some of the most beautiful poetic lyrics I have heard. Add to this her sensitive arrangements and emotionally textured crimson voice and you have some very thaumaturgic creations. ‘Under Mountains’ demands a unique space to be listened to, one you will want to lose yourself in for the whole duration.

The entire album is a high note, but my top racks would be The Fog, Marshmallow Unicorn, and Waltz- although the entire album is like a fresh summer breeze, these songs has absolutely transcended my mind to an imaginary place I have not been to since a child.

Under Mountains is as good an introduction to Rachel Sermanni as she could ever have wished for. Not only has she shown what a fantastic, and unique singer she is, she has also highlighted what a fantastic lyricist she is with some great stand out pieces, ‘The Fog’. Her songwriting may lead to some comparisons but nevertheless these are merely references that help frame Rachel Sermanni’s individuality. 4/5 Dragons

Rachel Sermanni Online – &

– By Lana Nimmons


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