Album Review – Thundercat “Apocalypse” (Jazz Fusion / Electronic)

Thundercat - ApocalypseIt’s a lovely, larger than life experience when a piece of work can touch you, and connect on a deeper level than just audibly. Thundercat is a virtuosic, versatile bassist that releases his own music, but also sessions for many artists whether mainstream or underground across all genres. One of his most charming and endearing qualities that has truly shined through on this album is his voice. His vocals on Apocalypse are mixed much more in the forefront with clarity and confidence unlike his previous, more instrumental focussed album, The Golden Age of Apocalypse. Lyrically, Apocalypse is based on life, death, friends and relationships, but on a philosophical, metaphorical level. Overall, there is a lonely tone to the album, perhaps because he is clearly, deeply affected by the death of one of his best friends, Austin Peralta, who played keys in his band, and was an amazing musician himself. Although this serious tone is ingrained in this music, Thundercat’s lightheartedness, and youthful delivery throughout is inescapable, which makes the listening experience all the more interesting and beautiful. Flying Lotus’ beat production is simplistic compared to his usual galactic compositions, clearly holding back to make way for the extravagant bass playing and lush singing. The track, Without You is a great example of a well crafted, effective beat that bumps along playfully and subtly changes throughout, totally driving the track without being overpowering. Most importantly, Thundercat has naturally created a genre, his own lane. No wonder the music is so inspiring. 4.5/5 Dragons

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– By Bag


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