Album Review – Pilgrim “II: Void Worship” (Doom Metal)

PilgrimReview by Jeff Black – 4/5 Dragons
From Aprils Vandala Magazine – READ MORE REVIEWS HERE

Fun Fact A: Pilgrim are from the same city as H. P. Lovecraft. Fun Fact B: Pilgrim actually sound like it. I think the execs at Metal Blade must have sat Pilgrim down and explained to them exactly what would happen if they didn’t manage to knuckle down and take home all the marbles with their sophmore album. Stacked alongside 2012’s Misery Wizard, (all lows; no highs) II: Void Worship is entirely next-level by comparison.

First indication: the hand-painted sword and sorcery artwork. It’s no Frank Frazetta or Jeffrey Jones or even Ken Kelly but it’s got spirit and grit and they rarely make ’em like that these days. Second would be the sheer amount of riffs on this album; ebbing like tidewater glacier cycles; advancing(“Paladin”), alternating (“Arcane Sanctum”), retreating (“Master’s Chamber”) and ultimately expiring (“Master’s Chamber”) into echoes of feedback reflecting against cavern walls. Echoes of echoes; echoes of Reverend Bizarre, Cathedral, early Solstice. Good-to-great stuff; the soundtrack to your next graveyard rendezvous.



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