Album Review: Manafest “Stones”(Hip Hop/Rock)

By Crystal Lee – 4.3/5 Dragons (album stream at the bottom)

Finding music you want to hear or should hear is hard these days as there is so much of it out there at your fingertips. Facebook ads found me my latest review as this band was giving the album away free physically to Linkin Park fans. I had to admit a really good marketing strategy on their part. I took a listen asked for a digital copy and they got it to me fast.

Manefest explains “Throughout the album, I explore how things are thrown in our path,” says Manafest. “I may face obstacles and judgments, but I’m not going to quit. A fighter never stops no matter what stones are thrown their way.” which you can clearly see in this album starting with the title track.

The title track is first off why it’s marketed to Linkin Park fans. There will be only one Linkin Park and this band and has they have similar sounds and influence but have their own sound and it is more rock and distortion. “Stones” is a getup and go song like much of the album and confident; okay a little cocky but we all need those songs.

Another track that stood out was of course “Firestarter” which you may have heard at one time or another. With lyrics “Firestarter” begins with the lyrics “I wanna be a firestarter, you can help me if you wanna. We can spread and make the whole world light up.” how can you not like this song. Like many of the songs on this album, I fell in love with the lyrics like majority of the album’s songs.

A song is nothing without passion which Manifest puts the whole heart into this one. which “Won’t Give Up” “Find A Way” are loaded with this passion. is another one that shows the deeper struggle but again overcoming. Then ” Find a Way to Fight” shows the strength of the battle to overcome all done in a way that has a uplifting energy to each. Other stand out tracks for me were “When the Truth Comes Out” that showed the personal struggle and was in your face thus showcasing a struggle beginning to end thus making the album as a whole flow.

This is an album that lyrically is the one to have on your shelf to be the go-to on those horrible days to life you back up. Overall this album is a “fighters” album with a mixture of genres, strong lyrics, distorted guitars and high energy and one I will be keeping on my personal playlist.

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