Album Review: Head Wound City – A New Wave of Violence (Rock/Noisegrind)

head-wound-city-new-wave-violenceBy Michael Smith – 5/5 Dragons
From June 2016 Vandala Magazine

A noisegrind super group consisting of members from The Blood Brothers, The Locust, and Yeah Yeah Yeah, they released an EP over a decade ago, reunite in 2014 for a few shows, then write and record and unholy perfect fusion of the three bands sounds. The songs are short (which should come as no surprise) sweet, and colossally aggressive. A musical punch in the face revives and instigates rambunctiousness not as common anymore. The guitars blast through your body with a technical fury, the bass lines reverberate through your veins, Jordan Billie’s vocal shrieks continue to shatter eardrums, and what may be the underrated aspect of this band and genre is the drum work of Gene Serbian. The intensity level of the tracks is to a level listeners will be gasping for breath not even  half way through the album, and the bulk of that has  to do with the rabid manner Serbian drums, that will have those hearing the album or seeing the band live in awe at everything going on behind his kit. A New Wave Of Violence is a must listen album for those looking for something loud, fast, a technical frenzy, and just flat out good.

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