Album Review – Operators “EP1” (Alternative)

Operators - EP1Review by By Darian Magee - 4.6/5 Dragons 
From October 2014 Vandala Magazine  READ MORE ARTICLES

I have no real knowledge of this band. They are elusive shadows, gods of synth, but above all, they are brilliant.

Having heard Operators at their fifth show, I have to say – Dan Boekners current band must have gotten a hell of a lot of practice between then and their debut performance in Toronto’s Music Week. Not a single wire appeared out of place, each member looked completely at home in their respective stations. It’s no secret that Dan Boekner is the king of noise manipulation, but his companions might surprise you. Graceful and bright, singer and keyboardist Devojka drifted across the stage like a cybertronic butterfly, effortlessly adding life to the trio’s unique sound. The equally impressive Sam Brown played drums in a way that almost seemed crooning, adding ‘funk’ in all the right places.

But enough about my mind blowing experience, this was supposed to be an album review. Too cool to possess a title, their first EP is an exciting promise of what’s to come. It’s dance-pop, it’s fun, every note is art. It’s as if Beethoven grew up with a Yamaha PSR–36 and went through a progressive stage. Their last track Start Again is aptly named considering Dan Boekners departure from previous groups and although it isn’t exceptionally different from the rest of the album (impressive as it may be), something about it just makes my heart race. EP1 is fairly consistent, filled with dance hooks and although the lyrics leave a little something to be desired, the expert electronics make this easy to forgive. 


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