Album Review: Saint Sinna “The Gutbucket Dichotomy” (Hip-Hop)

4 out of 5 Dragons
By Chad Thomas Carsten

With the release of “The Gutbucket Dichotomy”, Michigan’s underground veteran emcee that is Saint Sinna has created a hip-hop magnum opus that will leave music fans foaming at the mouth in joy after the record ends because listeners will immediately be craving for new Saint Sinna after bumping “The Gutbucket Dichotomy”, thanks to it’s original lyrical content and a wide variety of production that is bound to take hip-hop back to the 1990’s where it belongs. Every verse and lyrical swiftness inside the Mission:Infect OG member’s latest record could possibly leave New York’s very own DMX grinning ear to ear and becoming a fan of Saint Sinna with how genius the Midwest rap slayer is when it comes to his wordplay within this LP, especially when he jumps into chopper mode!

What’s also super unique that occurs within “The Gutbucket Dichotomy” is the Wild West Western theme narration and story brought forth by Chris Walls. If you didn’t know any better you’d think you were hearing an old-time AM Radio Western Program classic from the 1930’s but in the form of a hip-hop banger meshed with a side of country fried steak dripping with white country gravy and a nearby Cowboy getting ready for a massive bar fight about to erupt. The narration is flawless and takes the hip-hop genre into fresh new Wild West territory for the better, maybe even topping Will Smith’s Wild Wild West! The track “Get Off My Lawn” (featuring Donnie Meance, Mcnastee, and Menacide) further demonstrates that underground is where true authentic hip-hop thrives, while the closure of the LP “Savior” further demonstrates that Saint Sinna is an astonishing vocalist and should start a rock “n” roll band one day!

Overall, Saint Sinna’s “The Gutbucket Dichotomy” is a breath of fresh air for fans of the underground hip-hop scene and it deserves to be played on repeat for hours upon hours! Don’t sleep!

Other Major Highlights: “Banging YA” (Featuring Durte), BK BBQ (Featuring Klep), “Let It Burn”, & Down The Line (Featuring Jenocia X)

The Gutbucket Dichotomy @ Google Play      The Gutbucket Dichotomy @ iTunes


01. The Storm
02. Fill My Cup
03. Bangin’ Ya (feat. Durte)
04. Down This Road
05. BK BBQ (feat. Klep)
06. Get Off My Lawn (feat. Donnie Menace, McNastee & Menacide)
07. Drowning Here With You
08. Let It Burn
09. Good Man Is Gone
10. Send Me to My Grave
11. Down the Line (feat. Jenocia X)
12. Shadows With the Blind
13. Savior
14. Let It Burn (Reprise)
15. Bleed


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