Album Review: Texas Microphone Massacre “The Opium Den EP” (Electronica/Rock)

tmm_coverBy Chad Thomas Carsten – 5/5 Dragons

Texas Microphone Massacre is as original as is it gets when it comes to new-age industrial music. Their three song Ep “Opium Den” is the band showcasing they aren’t drowning in the static within the over-saturated market of electronic bands trying to be the next Nine Inch Nails. This EP breaks through that bullshit mold and will indeed leave Industrial fans breathless with how well-crafted and beautifully written the three songs featured inside this special EP. Tears of astonishment will be streaming down the cheeks of music fans worldwide thanks to the jaw-dropping talents of vocalist Chris Verden. His vocals and lyrics are that stunning inside the title track “Opium Den”; so stunning in fact listeners will be fainting upon first hitting play with how powerful Mr. Verden’s voice presents itself. His vocals literally come alive when listening to the title track “Opium Den” with a high-quality pair of headphones, as if his voice were somehow being channeled from another world.

Texas Microphone Massacre simply cannot be defined musically and the second track “Most Illustrious” further demonstrates this fact with its instantaneously catchy production that may have listeners drifting off into space beyond the stars, helping them escape all their stress for as long as the song last, which is exactly four minutes and four seconds.After the track is finished, listeners will find themselves at the edge of their seats nearly falling onto the floor, wondering what the hell just occurred and then immediately smile upon remembering that a kick ass track just took them into a whole new musical adventure and will right away start “Most Illustrious” from the beginning to relive that musical extravaganza.

The final track is “Beyond The Ocean Floor” and the tasty riffs that make up the interior of the song will soothe the musical soul for decades to come.

For fans of Orgy, Depeche Mode, Angelspit, and Mind In A Box.


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