Album Review – Diiv – Is The Is Are (Rock)

Diiv-Is-the-Is-Are-By Michael Smith- 5/5 Dragons
From March 2016 Vandala Magazine 

This album is an excellent throwback to the shoegaze sound of the mid-90’s, and will make you heart, mind, and body sway into the night of every listen. The feedback and whirling guitar sounds are coming from an aggressive mind state, and take you on a relaxed venture into the unknown. Zachary Smith’s voices pairs with the hazy sound creating an atmosphere you can almost feel the light wind gusts that softly caresses your face making the small hairs on your ears stand. This is the kind of album you put in your car at midnight, no plans, no destination, just you, and the road, maybe you bring a loved one, and drive until sunrise. Smith’s wall of sound is the perfect soundtrack for the burdened mind looking to escape into a world of no worries. A place you can relax, not feel the weight of life bearing down on you and just float in a grey paradise. The universe is filled with impatience, and often you need to slow down, take a deep breath, look forward and see that everything is not always as bad as it may seem, Is The Is Are, creates that world for the listeners.


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