Album Review – Daughter – ‘Not To Disappear’ (Alternative, Pop/Rock)

Daughter - ‘Not To Disappear’ (Alternative, Pop/Rock)

By Michael Smith – 4/5 Dragons
From February 2016 Vandala Magazine 

The latest release from London group Daughter is a wintery monument and absolute success in out doing the beauty and song writing of their 2013 release, If You Leave. Elena Tonra’s soft and breathy voice is one of the finest deliverers of tragic sounds in music today, and that voice along with her words and the sound created bring about an atmosphere like a gentle wind blowing through frosted grass at dawn. The tears you’ll shed will come with dejection, but you will also appreciate the elegance this album surrounds you with. Where If You Leave, had the air of recent heartbreak and saturnine emotions, like the song writing, Not To Disappear delivers a new found sense of strength and desire. The world may be a dour place to me right now, every day is a challenge to discover the good in my surroundings, some days are better than others, and I still long for the past, but I’m trying, and I’m getting stronger, that statement encapsulate the theme and feel of this release. With two magnificent releases, the future for this band is bright, but that will come late, listeners should enjoy this pulchritudinous contribution to music now.


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