Album Review – Mutemath – ‘Vitals’ (Rock, Alternative)

mutemath vitalsArticle By By Michael Smith 
4/5 Dragons
From January 2016 Vandala Magazine 

Over their careers it has appeared that Mutemath has fallen through the cracks of the indie synth-pop world and have not received the same attention that peers such as Empire of the Sun, Hot Chip, or Cut Copy, have (deservedly) been given. Vitals is an infectiously fun and danceable, but also very deep release. Dance-ability is not the sole face of the group. Where some synth acts may get lost in creating music that can’t live outside of the night club, and while others create songs devoid of the joy that up-tempo synth lines and beats may bring to an album Mutemath balances them well. Layered between playful high-fashion electro beats are lush and smooth R&B gold.

Whether you’re going out on Friday night, planning something more intimate at home, or just wanting to hear songs that fit both of those scenarios, this release is a pleasant addition to your musical routine. Solid, boisterous, flashy, romantic, sexy, and slick, this is a great release to close out the 2015 library.


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