Album Review – Half Moon Run “Dark Eyes” (Alternative/Rock/Folk)

Half Moon RunHalf Moon Run is a talented, young trio from Ottawa, Ontario and Comox,  British Columbia. It was in a studio situated in Montreal’s Mile-End district, through the hardships of time constraints and flatlined bank accounts, that the trio bonded and created their unique sound, fusing together the restless elements of indie, pop and folk with beautiful rhythmic harmonies, delicate guitar lines and a hint of warm electronica. Following their release their debut album, “Dark Eyes”, they’ve been topping charts and globe trotting, touring and playing some of the biggest folk rock bands in the industry. Aesthetically, Dark Eyes is absolutely perfection and as I dug deeper into this album, I found myself spellbound by its lyrical beauty, and wisdom.  Their first track “Full Circle” sets deep root for this album, with their beautifully woven acoustics and memorable hooks. Half Moon Run’s kick ass debut slyly avoids being another cookie cutter indie rock band. As Devon sings in Full Circle: “The needle in your skin won’t bring you closer to God / I watch as your head turns full circle” –  he elevates this band to a deeper level telling a gut wrenching story of addiction. Half Moon Run’s abilities to incorporate heartfelt folk melodies and vocal harmonies are to die for in Dark Eyes, in effect, demands attention. The power combo of spaced out indie rock/pop and folk sensibilities isn’t anything new (Radiohead’s Pablo Honey comes to mind), but Half Moon Run delivers it with their own twist. I personally have not seen such promise since the mid ‘90’s.  4.5/5 Dragons

Half Moon Run Online: and

– Review By Lana Nimmons

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