Album Review: King 810 “La Petite Mort or a Conversation with God” (Rock/Metal)

la-petite-mort-or-a-conversation-with-godBy Chad Thomas Carsten – 5/5 Dragons
From October 2016 Vandala Magazine

Hailing from the slums of Flint, Michigan, King 810 have completely reinvented themselves for the better inside “La Petite Mort or A Conversation With God”. It’s not possible to label this just another nu-metal release. This strong sophomore effort is far beyond that! The Flint natives don’t hold back the aggressiveness they’re widely know for; it still makes you want to mosh n roll, but this unique release isn’t afraid to explore the bands classical jazz influences, more hip-hop elements, and some industrial tinged sounds that would make Al Jourgensen of Ministry proud! The subject matter of being a small child struggling to survive the ghetto of Flint, Michigan within “I Aint Going Back Again” is undeniable proof that David Gunn has grown more lyrically, while the jazzy love struck anthem within “Me and Maxine” is undeniable proof that the band as a whole have grown more technical and are capable of pulling off guitar solos that could make David Gilmour of Pink Floyd weep in joy.

The first part of “La Petite Mort or A Conversation with God” are King 810’s heaviest and most emotional tracks to date! Songs like “Alpha & Omega”, “Vendettas”, “Give My People Back”, “War Time” Featuring Trick Trick and “Black Swan” could very well have the irate people surrounded by Michigan’s urban decay rioting against the government in honor of King 810 always have their backs. The softer side of the album could represent the aftermath of Michigan’s citizens rising up and finally living in peace. The song “Wolves Run Together”, serving as the main anthem.

The final verdict; This is not a release to be slept on! It’s one of those albums you can put on repeat for hours on end and feel like your completely escaping from your own personal struggles. The Metal world and the people trapped behind the ghetto walls of Michigan desperately needed this type of album!


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