Album Review – Boards of Canada “Tomorrow’s Harvest” (Electronic)

Boards of Canada “Tomorrow’s Harvest”Although Tomorrow’s Harvest is Boards of Canada’s return after an eight year hiatus, their name is still held upon a pedestal in the realm of electronic music. Past releases such as Music Has the Right to Children, and The Campfire Headphase are timeless in their experimental and nostalgic nature. A standout track, Cold Earth is based around a noisy, trip hop drum beat that wisp away like birds flying overhead in a convertible car, riding through a deserted highway. The saturated found sounds and the main VHS styled synthesizer of the track gives it a cinematic feel, however it feels more like a looping scene than a drawn out plot. Utilizing noise and old film samples to create atmosphere is not new to Boards of Canada. For example, Transmisiones Ferox is a soundscape, a collage of of musically manipulated sounds, noises and textures creating not only a subtle series of notes, but also a hypnotizing rhythm. Although soundscapes like this are often done in sporadic and random ways by many artists, Boards of Canada manages to make it beautiful, and listenable. Throughout 17 tracks, they manage to churn up a diverse collection making it an adventurous and dynamic listen throughout. Tomorrow’s Harvest is hard to characterize in one way. It revolves around the idea of big, vintage cinematic soundscapes, however, the production overall is very lean and pristinely accentuated with every crisp drum hit. The beauty comes from this ambiguity, and uncertainty. It’s easy to lose footing within this album; let it take you. 4/5 Dragons

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– Review By Andrew Johnstone



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