Album Review: Born Gold “No Sorrow” (Pop/Alternative)

born gold no sorrow


By Darian Magee
4.5/5 Dragons
Review from Vandala Magazine; July 2015 Edition
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The product of Canadian songwriter Cecil Frena, No Sorrow is a brilliant venture taken by one of the true north strong and frees favorite indie pop artists. Well-paced and fascinating, it made for an extremely pleasant 20 minutes. With sprightly electronics and vocals that could charm anybody, Born Gold has something for everybody. Not to be taken at face value, his compositions are a brilliant exploration of pop music. It’s new. It’s exciting! And I am 100% on board.

Flowers is easily my favorite track, its catchiness unmatched by any of the albums other songs. That isn’t to say that the rest of the release isn’t memorable – it just means that Flowers is really really good. The corresponding music video is equally charmingly weird and I’d feel uncomfortable describing it, so I’m just going to go ahead and let you make that investigation on your own. All in all, I’d say Frena’s more than earned the right to remove the “no minimum – name your price” on his bandcamp, though my credit card is extremely grateful.

While not on this album, his remix of Bodyache is worth mentioning. Touring with Purity Ring this summer, he must have taken a liking to their music and produced a stunning interpretation of one of the bands more popular songs. It’s a fresh take on an already impressive arrangement and I hope the original creators were as impressed as I was.


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