Album Review – Black Dahlia Murder “Everblack” (Melodic Death Metal)

Black Dahlia Murder “Everblack”Melodic Death-metallers unleash their latest album “Everblack” this month and the anticipation is almost palpable.  Their name has popped up many times over the last 5 years in the various conversations I’ve had and every time fans revere these guys with the utmost respect.  After a solid listen to “Everblack” I now know why – these guys deliver in every moment of music!

The record starts out with slow, brooding sound effects that are quickly layered by doom-y instrumental work before kicking into their usual high-tempo, energetic soundscape.  The guitar-work forms a melodic texture that weaves between frantic drumming and vocals that range from aggressive grunting to soul-piecing shrieks.

One source of controversy the band has always had was whether they were death metal or dethcore.  Well this may matter to some, it makes no effin difference to me!  These guys rip with authenticity and finesse worthy of the approval of any elitist.

Overall, I can’t escape how much expression comes through in the guitar playing.  Whether is melo-technical riffing or another crazy solo, every note seems to drip with feeling and gel the parts together masterfully.  As a result, “Everblack” does not attempt to re-invent the band, but it provides a further of the refinement of the direction that BDM has always been heading.  The band seems increasingly more comfortable in delivering high-tempo, melodic riffing in a very palatable manner.  It was a pleasure to be able to review this record!  4.5/5 Dragons

Black Dahlia Murder Online:

– Review By David Khan of Scythia



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