Album Review – Triptykon “Melana Chasmata” (Doom Metal)

Triptykon“Melana Chasmata” Review By Eddy Levitsky  – 4/5 Dragons

Tom G. Warrior is back with Triptykon’s long-awaited second album called Melana Chasmata. Four years in production, the atmosphere created within is a truly unique and genius blend of many different styles of metal, carefully combined into coherent, well-crafted songs. The pacing jumps from aggressive, thrashy tracks like “Breathing” to groovy, laid back atmospheric songs like “Aurorae”. While Triptykon stays true to their roots with slow and doom-like tracks like “Altar of Deceit” and “Demon pact”, they also offer some interesting riffs and melodies that go along with the ominous, funeral vibe.

This album may be a patchwork of emotions but the atmosphere created is a totally immersive and cohesive experience. Tom Warrior’s varied vocals are a unifying element throughout the album, they not only provide structure and melody to the songs, but also accentuate the desperation, anger and doom of the songs by giving it a voice. Accompanying Tom’s vocals, Vanja Slajh the bassist of the band adds a female touch to the mix and provides fragile, eerie and yet very memorable vocal lines on tracks such as “Boleskine House” and “Waiting”, my two personal favorite tracks of the album.

A cross between death metal, thrash and black, Triptykon’s Melana Chasmata is heavy and atmospheric. Trading technicality and speed for groove and ambiance, this opus sounds honest, deep, polished and adventurous and should be an interesting listen to anyone daring enough to explore a darker side of music.


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