ALBUM REVIEW – Striker “City Of Gold” (Heavy Metal)

STRIKER--City-of-GoldReview By  Jeff Black
4/5 Dragons
Review from Vandala Magazine; January 2015 Edition – Read Interviews, Reviews and more in Januarys issue FREE HERE

Just when your faith in the underground was a pile of burnt-out coal in your little sister’s Christmas stocking, Edmonton’s high-octane rockers pours some kerosene on the sparks by releasing their meanest album to date. I like this album more than 2012’s Armed to the Teeth, which was not as toothy as the robotic-dinosaur cover art implied. It’s kinda different. More shouty; designed with extra mosh in mind with just enough hooks to keep cocks a-rockin’ in all the right places. You’ve still got Dan Cleary wailing his nuts off about Never Giving Up On Your Dreams and axemen Chris Segger and Tim Brown soaking panties from dawn to dusk with suggestive use of plectrum. The rhythm section lands nicely in all the corner pockets, letting the riffs do the heavy lifting. It’s a good disk, one that sounds modern enough to turn heads (or raise eyebrows) but still has that Bill and Ted charm in it’s chewy center. “All I Want” is my jam of choice.

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