Album Cover Feature – Feint “One Last Time”

Feint One Last Time
Review by By Dustin Griffin
From October 2014 Vandala Magazine  READ MORE ARTICLES 

Feint is an experimental musician from the UK. His music is a hodgepodge of heavy electronic and industrial music, with skinny breaks of other genres splintered into the mix. The song ‘No Chance’ from his new EP One Last Time sounds at one moment like Deadmou5, at another like Coldplay.

The album cover art of One Last Time is a beautiful painted scene from a long forgotten era or a snapshot of a old film. A western or a Lawrence of Arabia epic of past world adventure and intrigue.

A line of people, possibly a Native American tribe making their way upon horses, perhaps through the towering skyline of Monument Valley in Utah, are headed into the horizon. A sunset bathing the desert floor in a wash of orange light welcoming the tribe into the land that sits in wait around the bend.

Then again, it could also be a scene from a much older time. Prehistoric, from the looks of the rocks. And on further inspection, those don’t look like horses at all, but camels. And that looks more like rocky ground than sandy.

Feint’s previous album covers have embraced more minimalistic ideas, but they all contain elements which make how they’re perceived ultimately subjective, depending on who is looking at them, and whether or not the music is playing in the background.

Whatever’s going on there, it’s up for discussion and debate, like all great album covers are. It may or may not have anything to do with the music found within. Not that it needs to. Just like the music on One Last Time itself, the album cover is open to a great deal of interpretation, which can change from day to day depending on your mood.

All that and it only houses three songs. That’s bang for your buck right there.


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