Album Review – Explosions In The Sky – The Wilderness (Rock)

By Michael Smith– 4.5/5 Dragons

From May 2016 Vandala Magazine 

It’s been almost exactly five years since we have been delivered a new full length album, and EITS as provided fans new, old, and yet to come, possibly, the most vibrant work the band has created. The album gushes brash form of mystery and intrigue. Every track setting a new foggy landscape for your mind to explore, get lost and discover something new. The haze of each tracks intros progressively fade and you are surrounded and maybe a bit overwhelmed by all the colors that surround you. Vivid mental/musical scenery conjuring every emotion from the most melancholic to the most spastic. The progression of every track leaves the mind impatiently craving to know where you are about to be taken, that is best illustrated the album’s final two tracks, “Colors in Space” and “Landing Cliffs”, which on their own, are an illuminated psychological journey firing off from the synapse and touching every part of the brain.


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