Album Review – The Kills – Ash & Ice (Indie Rock)


The Kills - Ash & IceBy Michael Smith – 4/5 Dragons
From July 2016 Vandala Magazine

The latest and easily the most anticipated album from one of the “it” bands of more than just the college rock scene, but the rock n’ roll scene on the biggest stage. The duo have spent over a crafting one of the most exciting live performances anyone is lucky to attend, and making their own brand of gritty rock and roll. Alison Mosshart has thrown her name in the list of biggest bad asses in music and life. Ash & Ice is shows a lot of growth over the five years since their last release. The song writing is strong and the crunchy guitar whales of Jamie Hince still bring a lot of power to tracks such has “Hard Habit to Break” and “Impossible Tracks”. There is something that feels a bit different throughout the entire album, but fans old and new will not be disappointed, this album may not have the dirty feeling to the extent of their first two releases, but is a well conceived rock album for all audiences.


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