Album Review: Sadistik “Altars” (Hip-Hop/Psychedelic)

By Chad Thomas Carsten – 5/5 Dragons

Sadistik is back rather quickly with another beast of an album (released through Equal Vision Records) but this time it’s a psychedelic hip-hop horror show simply titled “Altars”. “Altars” showcases Sadistik musical growth as an artist with his astonishing wordplay and lyrically haunting subject matter that harks back to the glory days of Edgar Allan Poe, Lucio Faluci, and H.P. Lovecraft.

The production found within the record will indeed have sober listeners convinced they’re experiencing a heavy hallucinogenic trip because the beats are extremely trippy to the point that the founders of lysergic acid diethylamide, Timothy Leary and Albert Hoffman, would probably think the producer was in a deep hallucinogenic state when finding the sounds for Altars. Yes, the production is that tripped out, but that’s the beauty of what developed into pure originality. No other hip-hop record can compete towards the production of “Altars”.

Slowly over the years, the Seattle-based emcee’s music has drifted into a territory that’s  smothered in darkness and it’s a brilliant move on Sadistik’s part. It’s a perfect match made in hell and proves the rapper needed to be heard on this dark level to help improve on his lyrical skill and it works by giving his career more substance! The lyrical content featured is Mr. Foster shedding his emotional struggles through the mic and at the same time challenging organized religion. “Cotards Syndrome” sounds like it belongs in a snuff film thanks to it’s slow looming, dreary production, while the track “Free Spirits” will have listeners embarking on their own spiritual journey to conquer their personal psychological scars. This record might be aimed at the gothic crowd, but hip-hop listeners worldwide who are craving for something new and thrilling inside a rap record then “Altars” is what you’re exactly looking for!


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