Album Review: Ouija Macc “Gutterwater” (Hip-Hop/Trap)

Review by Chad Thomas Carsten
4.5 out of 5 Dragons

2018 has been a grand year for authentic wicket shit hip-hop! And with the release of Ouija Macc’s “Gutterwater” a new era of Psychopathic Records has fully descended upon the underground to take full control of the music industry and erase faux record labels once and for all. “Gutterwater” finds the Sin City Las Vegas emcee indulging in swift macabre theatrical raps over hallucinogenic acid trap inspired production that will undoubtedly leave the fans of the darker side of hip-hop in a nightmarish musical coma upon first listening. Ouija Macc’s violent, yet witty, lyrical wordplay deep inside this strong effort proves the latest hatchet man was destined to rock the mic since the morning his parents took him home from the hospital days after being born.

Yet if this is a listeners first time experiencing Ouija this record will pack an unexpected mighty One Punch Man fist straight to your gut with its creative dark nature, but the mighty wallop is guaranteed to lead new age hip-hop into the darkness forever. Ouija Macc is astonishingly confident here and Psychopathic Records of Detroit should be beyond proud to be the quintessential label to release this unique freshness because every verse that will be pouring out your speakers from Mr. Ouija is nothing but pure volcanic fire. Rumor has it stereo systems have been catching ablaze when bumping “Gutterwater”. So make sure that fire extinguisher is right by your side when wiling out to this influential solo debut on full blast during a bright full moon!

Major Highlights: “Ghost”, “Galoshes”, “Bear Hands”, “Human Waste”, “Future Wicced” (Featuring Lyte), “Denial”, & “Killahoe Tribe Anthem”

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