Album Review – Kae Sun “Afriyie” (Singer Songwriter/Alternative)

Kae SunKae Sun immigrated from Ghana to Canada in his teens after graduating from the renowned Achimota School in Accra where he first started performing and writing music; now under URBNET Records, an independent record label based in Toronto, Ontario. Kae Sun’s sophomore album “Afriyie” is probably one of the smoothest albums I’ve come across this year. His perfect blend of music influences, from folk, reggae, and soul, makes this impeccable album which will undoubtedly spice up your summer. The poppy, happy “Heart Healing Pulse” is guaranteed to put smiles on faces and “Dzorwulu Junction” will draw obvious Sun’s comparisons, while a harder track like “Lion Unleashed” stands on another foot. My top songs on this album would be  “When the Pot” and “Stillness,” which are not only technically perfection and are sonically booming- defining a whole new space between partying and chilling back. All his pent up emotions and heartfelt sermonizing, the songs on Afriyie bubble over with the life of everyday experiences.

There is no question that Kae Sun is going to find success in the future, this album a decadent art piece, and speaks for itself. The moments where a reggae vibe slips in, some darker drums, simple yet expressive guitar are indulged with his poetic lyrics. Afriyie was released May 28th, and perfect timing- boy and girls Kae Sun has officially created the perfect summer album. 4.7/5 Dragons

Kae Sun Online: and

– Review By Lana Nimmons

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