Album Review – Amon Amarth “Deceiver of the Gods” (Metal)

Amon Amarth “Deceiver of the Gods” (Metal) Amon Amarth has crafted a distinct sound for themselves that blends the intensity of death and thrash metal with catchy melodic hooks and an overall epic atmosphere.  Deceiver of the Gods definitely continues in that vein and does not attempt to reinvent the band’s sound in any sort of way.  The hooks are still there along with the roaring vocals and driving drums.  There’s even a track with some early 80’s Dougie-White style power singing complete with wide vibratos.  I quite enjoyed the brief respite from guttural onslaught though I have no complaints about the vocals otherwise; just appreciating a bit of diversity.

It seems like the band has exchanged their virtuosic soloing of old for a more refined and effective approach to songwriting.

Gone are the extended sections of soloing in exchange for more concise lead-work and better contours to the songs.  I should also note, that the production is incredible.  Mixing and mastering was handled by the legendary Andy Sneap and therefore, the album is sonically very balanced with tons of punch.  The guitars seem to leap out of the speakers and each chug has a 3-dimensional element to it that will mostly please those with an ear for production.

Overall, this is a great album.  It’s not Twilight of the Thunder God but still is powerful and has a lot of good things going for it like the songwriting and huge atmosphere.  Deceiver of the Gods is my favourite album that I’ve reviewed this year and therefore I’m going to give it a nearly-perfect. 4.7/5 Dragons

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 – Review by David Khan

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