Album Review – Klines “Mirror” (Electronic)

Klines mirrorsReview By Darian Magee – 4.5/5 Dragons
From August Vandala Magazine – READ MORE REVIEWS HERE

Under the recommendation of a friend, I grabbed my noise canceling headphones and hunkered down for the night to the soundcloud of a musician named Klines. To which I say – thank you friend, I’m glad I finally learned how to listen to people. Low tempo with abysmal beats, the perfectly orchestrated bass almost seems intangible – the sheer vibration reaching to the depths of your core. The first song made available on the webpage entitled “Watch Our Strange Minds Grow” is hypnotic, entrancing, and one of those great pieces of music that seem to defy the way we perceive time. Fortunately, if you’d rather get down with it, he’s got something for your palette as well. “Late Night” has got a flexible sort of rhythm that can accommodate even the whitest of dancing and as the name suggests, is best listened to when the sun’s gone down. His newest EP ‘Mirors’ (released late last year) took the electronic community of Vancouver by quite the surprise and it’s safe to say that he’s mixing with the best of them now, having recently featured Francesca Belcourt and Oshea Adams on two of his tracks. Mirrors offers a soundtrack for fancier footwork – although the much adored low tempo stays just that, the resonance provides something you can tap your toes to. The tracks are smooth with a balance of tranquility and stimulus that makes for a refreshing listen and I eagerly await the electronic expounders next release.

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