Album Review – Parquet Courts – ‘Monastic Living’ (Alternative)

parquet-courts-monastic-livingArticle By Michael Smith
3.5/5 Dragons
From Janaurys 2016 Vandala Magazine 

Since their 2013 debut, Parquet Courts have become fan favorites in the underground post-punk scene. Combing well-written and very technical guitar riffs and effects that go beyond just loud feedback noise, their latest release they bring us something very different. The album begins with “No, No, No!”, charming listeners with the kind of track you’ve come to expect from the band: fun, catchy, very British in sound, and just flat out good. Upon its completion, though, you are taken on a whirled instrumental journey of hypnotic feedback, dark, sexy basslines to oh-so-slightly nod your head to, and the perfect drum beats that may not be extremely complex in nature but keep the perfect beat throughout. This is not an album for just popping in your car on your way to work or wherever, and it’s not necessarily an album that’s for everyone. It is a great listen for fans of what creative pedal use can bring to music, and it demonstrates the group’s exceptional musicianship, creativity, and ingenuity. This is the type of album and music you’d likely hear in a small dive bar before or in between sets. This may not be the most traditional style of music, but it is a strong work of art rock.

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