Album Review: Johnny Richter – Schools Out (Still Laughing) (Hip Hop/Rap) + Album Stream

johnny richterBy Chad Thomas Carsten – 4.5/5 Dragons
From August 2016 Vandala Magazine

Johnny Richter is still Laughing! More than likely due to the current haters who doubted he could keep moving forward without being a full time member of the Kottonmouth Kings or possibly to every single hater who tried shattering his dreams at the start of his hip-hop career over twenty years ago via performing sold out shows across California shortly after picking up the mic. Only Richter knows the true answer, but “School’s Out (Still Laughing)” continues the Laughing Saga and strongly proves Richter still has another twenty years of climbing a continuous ladder of success underneath the mic stand. He’s far from his prime, because his real prime is just slowly getting started.

“Schools Out” kicks off with Richter’s latest underground hater single “Insanely amazing” and it’s Mr. Richter presenting what he does best and that’s tearing a beat a brand new asshole by spitting razor sharp bars that put’s the keyboard gang banger’s to their knees drowning in tears. What glorious perfection within the beat! It’s a genius move to kick off a record with a song that effectively has people bobbing their heads for months on end thanks to the god sent bars meshes tremendously well within “Insanely Amazing”, “Mad Cow” is another beast of a track that seems to be exclusively made to just pound in the streets and blow out nearby windows. Johnny Richter’s word play is so raw inside “Mad Cow” emcees will be sent off to the slaughter houses to retire upon first listening to his ferocity. Truly raw!

Give & Take lights up the positive vibes by connecting to those whom are lost in life. Johnny drops knowledgeable advice about karma and it’s the type of track that will leave listeners smiling ear to ear while High On Life takes Richter on an adventure through Sublime territory and ends the album flawlessly!

Overall, Johnny Richter is still an incredible emcee. “Schools Out” will indeed create more loyal Richter fans that will be sticking up for him throughout the rest of his career. Other Highlights include: ‘Forward Moving” “Ahh Yea” “Kill It” and “Burb Words” featuring Potluck.

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