Album Review – Bobaflex “ Charlatan’s Web” (Rock)

Bobaflex “Charlatan’s Web”Review By Crystal Lee 4.5/5 Dragons

Generally I keep my reviews short but this album needs a little more attention. Charlatan’s Web is an album where you have a mix of dirty, gritty classic rock songs mixed up with a touch or metal. There are some songs that are very dark in content which would be common in metal though have some positive undertones thus a perfect album for rock and metal fans alike .

Highlights of course was the song “ Bad Man”. This is where the gritty and sexy meet. Right off the bat I could see this song in so many TV shows I watch and a few movies. Just like bad boys this song also is very sexy and irresistible to listen to. The lyrics like “I can snap my fingers turn your glass house into sand, Exorcise your demons with the back of my hand” just flow perfectly. Add in the guitar you got a hit.

There are many songs such as “Walking in The Dark” that I enjoyed though “I’m Glad your Dead” was my favorite on the album. It is eloquently melodic, morally questionable but feel good song. Even though the content is what some would call crude, I sang along right away. Deep down I felt bad but then it disappeared by the second course. Who hasn’t felt this way? This song shows Bobaflex is the band whose songs are the words we all think but never say. The main thing is they do it well with excellent instrumentation and rock sound! To sum this album up, it’s a rock album with a good mix of genres and most of all it has balls. I hope to hear this album on TV soon.


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