vanada_logo_guitar thinVandala Magazine is a Music and Entertainment site that brings the top music, reviews, interviews, news, live coverage, and more to fans with a 100% unique spin daily and in our bimonthly interactive digital magazine! Vandala always keeps it positive and constructive to promote amazing music,  and talented artists both in the mainstream and independent music scene. Always about the music no matter if artists are just starting out or have millions of fans.

To be in the Vandala, submit a press release, have us come to your show or be a featured artist. CLICK HERE

*For copies of articles in any of our Magazines or articles please email vandalamagazine@vandalaconcepts.com Or download any month of the magazine for free at issuu.com/vandala

Current Issue of Vandala             Past Issues Of Vandala Magazine

Contributors and Staff

Crystal Lee (Photojournalist) – Editor In Chief
J. Henkel – Editor
Erin Torrance -Design & Layout Assistant

Chad Thomas Carsten – Journalist
Twitter: @DirtcoreChad

Dustin Griffin – Journalist

L. Paul Mann – Photojournalist (L. Paul Mann Photography)

Vince Brazen – Photojournalist

Mariko Margetson – Journalist

Cielo de la Paz – Photojournalist (CieloD Photography)

Heiko Ryll – Photojournalist
(Heiko Ryll Studios)

Matt Bacon – Journalist

Sean Barrett – Journalist

Claire Bourgeois – Photojournalist (Claire Bourgeois Photography)

Matt Harding – Photojournalist

Alexandra Moher – Journalist
Cassie Gaudet – Journalist

Michael Smith – Journalist
Dana Zuk – Photojournalist (Dana Zuk Photography)

For Other Contributors Not Listed – Please Email: Vandalamagazine@vandalaconcepts.com

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