submissionsGeneral Disclaimer

1) We publish information on our Website, Vandala Magazine and Blog, and Social Media Networks.

2) If you want the best chance of getting your submission reviewed then email your Link or URL and Follow the Guidelines.

3) Use the email provided – DO NOT go through our staff unless you know them personally!

4) Submissions and Publishing of news/releases, and tour posters are free but we ask you return the favour by posting links to our Magazine, Blog and/or website. Advertising for products, services and companies is not free! We do offer album and press release writing services for those without a write up and you can use it anywhere. If the press release is poor we do offer a re-write service for a small fee. So make sure it’s well written and edited.

5) Vandala reserves the right NOT to review, publish or accept a submission for any reason.

6) We will NOT review or publish nudity, degrading material to any group (i.e.: gender, race, ethnicity) or anything that is highly offensive.

7) Vandala does not guarantee to inform you of the receipt of your submission or your posting. Please check our website and magazine for to see if your submission has been posted or published.

8) Due to the high volume of material received, even with every effort to listen, look at and read everything that crosses our desk, it is quite impossible for us to contact everyone that submits.

9) Submission does not guarantee a publishing. PERIOD.

Write for Us – Email

Labels and Pr Agents please use that email for your mailing list along with and

Album Review Submissions

Vandala Reviews tons of submissions or requests for review every month. While we attempt to consider each request and submission, we try our best to get to your music. So only successful album picks will be contacted.  To have a better chance for consideration keep it simple and the Subject of email should start with “Album Review Submission:”  Guidelines:

– Firstly we do not accept large files since we receive tons of emails! If it is to large we may just delete it. We gladly accept download links and/or physical Cd’s.

– Website Link, EPK link (if possible), Your Name, Email, Band Name, Genre, Album Name, Release Date, Music Genre,

-Link where can we preview your music and any other relevant info that would help us such as promo materials, tours and/or biography.

– Submit via Email

Show Review & Interview Requests

SHOWS & EVENTS –  Subject of email should start with “Event/Show Review Request”. Email should also include Date, Time, Location, Venue and type of event, performers on the bill of the Show.  To Increase your chances send your request at least 2 weeks before the show if possible, preferable 4 weeks in advance.  We still may have someone available with less notification but it decreases your chances of getting us to come out. USA and Canadian Locations only.

INTERVIEWS – For Interview requests, we prefer 2-4 weeks in advance. For a feature spot it is longer since we are ahead on who we feature as our main story. (Sooner the Better).  Subject of email should start with “Interview Request”. Interviews can be conducted at a show, in person and /or via phone thus locations are unlimited!

For both interview and show review requests Include: EPK link (if possible), Your Name, Email, Band Name, Genre, Music Genre, Website, Link where can we preview your music and any other relevant info that would help us such as promo materials, tours and/or biography.( NO MUSIC FILES OR LARGE FILES PLEASE, DOWNLOAD LINKS ONLY OR WEB LINKS).

If someone is available they will contact you to set up all the details. If they do attend your show please have our writers and photographers name at the door for the show!  We may leave if it’s too hard to get in especially in the winter. We Do not guarantee the show or interview will be published. Submit via Email

Press Release Submissions Including Albums, Tours, Events and Posters

We accept all press releases for Events, Tour Announcements, Album Releases and other music news. Please have them well edited and have all contact and important information attached. We do offer press release writing services for those without a press release. If the press release is poor we offer a re-write service for a small fee. Also please include links to photos or small photo files (web ready) and Subject of email should start with “{TYPE OF}Press Release”. IE Tour Announcement Press Release.

Deadline for our Vandala Magazine is the 20th of each Month, but sooner will increase the chance of publishing.  For our Blog & Social Media there is no deadline we post based on date appropriateness. Submit via Email PR AGENTS please use that email for your mailing list along with


Got an amazing shot and want your photo published? Or how about being featured as a photographer? Just need a little exposure. Here is your chance. We are looking to feature photo(s) and photographers of live music artists and music events to feature in Vandala Magazine. As well as on our Vandala Concepts website , Blog and Our Social Media. Be it just one great shot you want to send us or you want to be featured in the magazine as a photographer we accept both. Our guidelines are below and any photo that does not follow the guidelines will be rejected automatically. If you are wanting to  send us a iphone, instagram photo etc please feel free to send it to us. We just might find a spot on it on a blog. Below guidelines are for our the magazine and photographer spotlights. 

1) Photographer retains all copyright and ownership of any photo submitted to Vandala Magazine and Vandala Concepts.

2) Artist(s) in photograph(s) must be independent, or on a independent labeled artists only. (you would be surprised who is on a Independent Label; artists that have a few fans to millions)

3) 3 Photos at a time please

4) The Photo Itself

– Unedited Photo, no photo manipulation – Basic adjustments may be permitted. Meaning do not send us stylized photos. This is editorial and they just don’t work.

– Photos must be embedded with your own copyright notice, and/or watermark, DO NOT take away from the photo.

– Images a Minimum 300DPI or higher. No single photo file may exceed 5MB in size

– Submit uncompressed TIFF files or high-resolution JPEGs

– Images are to be taken with a DSLR Camera ONLY.


– Tell Us about the photo – Artist, (member of group if possible), Event  date, location (city, province/state, country etc) Venue and Short sentence about the event or shot.


– NO Pornographic or offensive photos PERIOD!

5) For photograph submissions photos have to be within the last 2 months.

6) Include your name, city, country, phone, email. If you also have any of the following please include – company name, website and/or link to biography (if you have one).

Please send submission to Email

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