Album Review – To Humans “To Humans EP” (Alternative Rock)

To Humans “To Humans EP”Californian alternative, indie rock band, To Humans’ self titled EP is an amalgamation of their diverse influences from blues to hardcore with obvious, strong influences rooted in 90’s alternative rock. Charismatically singing forcefully and restlessly, the vocals are filled with teen angst and a disregard for anything that isn’t honest. Like the singing, the guitar playing is also slouchy and grouchy, but on the contrary, the drums are also tight and rock solid, allowing the other instruments to play around with rhythmic grooves and nuances. This visceral style is accompanied by the overall production, which is raw, dry to the bone without a lot of flair, or fun effects, leaving the listener with an in your face, confrontational sound. A big departure from this attitude driven style is the track, “Lion Oil”, which starts with funky, flanged guitars playing lounge jazz riffs right off the bat. “The Breakdown” features a distorted bass solo then a psychedelic build that climaxes at the chorus, an exciting ride back into the 70s. Last track, “Humdrum” is the heaviest track, which kicks off with a fist pumping, Warped Tour rioting riff, but comes right back down creating a huge contrast between quiet and loud; naked and full. The lyrics throughout the EP is metaphorical, vague, full of thoughts that sound incomplete, leaving the listener to relate and make sense of it in their own way, however they mostly complement the music nicely. The highlights are the hooks, especially in “Tenacity”, which features harmonized singing. 3/5 Dragons

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– Review By Bag


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