Album Review – The Hungry Ghosts “Alone, Alone” (Instrumental)

The Hungry Ghosts “Alone, Alone” (Instrumental)Review By Darian Magee RATING: 4.8/5 Dragons
From September 2014 Vandala Magazine  READ MORE ARTICLES

Originating from Australia, the indie rock band Hungry Ghosts has me starving for more (get it?). Released in 2000, this review makes me a little late to the party but I couldn’t help myself. Rough around the edges in all the right ways, the guitar is easy on the ears but delivers quite the personality. The roles of the 3 members are fairly ambiguous and I’m unable to credit them individually, but whatever arrangement Tim Howden, John Brooks, and Jason Boneham crafted together works beautifully in their favor, each instrument telling its own story in the albums epic odyssey. Tracks like the titular Alone, Alone and Nothing Has to Happen carry the same vague sense of wordless post rock, but the band takes a step out of their comfort zone in the song I don’t think about you anymore, but I don’t think about you any less. Deserving of its own article, the composition is a bittersweet ballad and although open to interpretation, seems to tell a story of a lost love we’re all familiar with. It’s warm, melodic, and hauntingly beautiful.


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