Album Review: Bobaflex “Eloquent Demons”(Rock) + UPCOMING TOUR DATES and ALBUM STREAM

Interview By Crystal Lee 
Rating: 4.5/5  
From Fall/Winter Vandala Magazine 2017 (Free HERE)

If you’re looking for a polite and none offensive band move on to the next review. Bobaflex continues to be in your face with their hard-hitting rock songs telling you what they feel and think and most of all say what we all want say at times. This is the band that brought you “I’m Glad your Dead” after all.

First I would like to say their songs are hard-hitting though dealing with them and their agents have been nothing but amazing. They are a great group of guys and show how you should treat others in the industry. Our USA staff have seen them live and I am personally still waiting to see them in Canada!

Of course, they start out this album with an intro and in this case “Eloquent Demons”. Yes political and very well done to get their view across though I am doing the Dolly Parton on this one; staying out of politics and make breast jokes if all else fails.

Bobaflex since I last heard them I know their sound and style as their own and it’s very clear with the first track “I Am a Nightmare”. Lyrics are like the intro clear and to the point which again with this album like the last they say things we all want to say. They are also back with harmonies, layered vocals (which they do extremely well) and addictive lyrics including the chorus. Add in their guitars you got a song that gets on my high rotation list.

“Say What You Will” has the double bass which is what I love about Bobflex and to be honest they can let Jymmy Tolland do more of that. The guitar lines are also very well done especially the solo; which is enhanced by the bass.

Overall I think the band got nicer compared to their last album – does it make it any less quality no, it just makes it a different album to have. Overall start to finish they have given a full album to listen to and to buy, unlike some bands who only focus on singles not albums that flow with quality. Most of all the tracks all have their own sounds within an excellent concept and making it an album to grab.

At all digital outlets or get your physical copy at   or


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