Album Review – Slough Feg “Digital Resistance” (Heavy Metal)

Slough Feg “Digital Resistance”Review by Jeff Black – 4/5 Dragons
From Marchs Vandala Magazine – READ HERE

San-Fran MVPs are back with another slab of institutionalized quirkiness. For the uninitiated, Slough Feg have been dancing circles around Heavy Metal for nearly 25 years, and were one of the few bands to keep the flame alive in the 90’s when guitar solos went out of style. Dungeon Master Mike Scalzi is in fine form here, combining the modern story-teller philosophies of the late Phil Lynott with the cheekiness of  Paul Dianno and delivering snappy riffs with fellow axeman Angelo Tringali. Rhythm section Maestas and Cantwell back up the proceedings with manic glee, giving the perfect bounce to “Magic Hooligan”, while rolling a few tumbleweeds into the mix during “Habeas Corpus”.

If your idea of a good time involves second-hand 70’s paperback adventure yarns with Thin Lizzy’s Black Rose on the turntable, then blast “Laser Enforcer” in the car, at home, with friends. Drive out to a farmer’s field and smash up your Blu-Ray players, smart phones and laptops a la Office Space. Nice to hear music with a message, eh? Be warned: it ain’t pretty. The truth rarely is. 


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