Album Review: Eyeshine “Gone Tomorrow”(Pop-Punk/Alternative)

By Chad Thomas Carsten – 5/5 Dragons

The diehard Eyeshine fans may very well be mourning and drowning in their own tears towards the harsh reality that “Gone Tomorrow” is the California alternative rockers final album, but this release utterly proves the band as a whole significantly loves creating the most beautiful atmospheric rock music heard within the last ten years together.  Each track will have listeners grooving out and bobbing their heads till they’ve nearly hit exhaustion, but Johnny Yong Bosch’s heart-melting hooks featured inside this powerful tear jerker will indeed have the listeners jumping right back up on their feet, chock-full of abundant energy, drooling for more musical greatness, while the riffs attributed by Masataka “Polo” Yazaki and Ginny Eck are delightfully tasty and their guitar skills help further expand upon the album’s unique flavor.

Gone Tomorrow’s lyrical sheet may reveal a substantial amount of heartache and emotional scarring on behalf of its author, but the band’s sonic Kevlar is in perfect harmony. Every song recorded for their final album, it’s as if they somehow potara fused together into one single giant rockstar behemoth with eight arms, capable of playing every instrument heard within this pop punk masterpiece. But don’t be deceived, it’s more than one person. Eyeshine has just simply perfected how a band should rock together and “Gone Tomorrow” showcases that immensely. To the fans; don’t be sad that Eyeshine won’t be following up with another album in the future, just appreciate the music for what it is, let it live inside your heart forever, and blast this kick ass record in your whip loud and proud till the doors fall off!

Major Highlights include; “Oxygen”, “Vertigo”, “When I’m Gone”, “Fix My Sights”, “Feathers”, “Autopilot”, and “Dreaming On”


One response to “Album Review: Eyeshine “Gone Tomorrow”(Pop-Punk/Alternative)

  1. This album was simply brilliant. Makes you want to hear more, which is why it’s sad Eyeshine’s ending, but I’m going to follow each band member’s new news. Love them each so much.


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