Album Review: Shana Falana “Here Comes the Wave” (Dream Pop/Psych/Ambient)


By Michael Smith – 5/5 Dragons
From December 2016 Vandala Magazine 

This Brooklyn duo has put together one of the strongest releases of 2016. A shoegaze/psych-pop sound of which will send you swimming in a ocean of guitar fuzz and keep you in motion with the rhythmic currents, never want to come up for air or lose the mood all out feeling of pure whimsy. When listening closely, doses of carefree and accepting attitudes that could likely be traced to Shana’s San Francisco roots make their why into and fuse beautifully with the grit and grey feeling of a New York City pedal board.

If you’re looking for the something that is pure NYC noise, and fortitude you will find a gem in “Lie 2 Me”, as well as classic ethereal sound in “Cloudbeats” and “Ocean”. knowing you’re loved and accepted (or at least should be) in the most radio friendly and the  mostly most attainable track to the masses the single “Cool Kids”, ignoring any and every one to embrace that which makes them different or weird. That’s only touches the surface as to what this album offers, and anyone that give this album a spin, is in for a musical treat, that is only made better by experiencing the band live, which is also highly recommended.


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