Album Review: Still Corners “Dead Blue” (Pop)

still-corners-dead-blueBy Michael Smith – 4/5 Dragons
From Novembers 2016 Vandala Magazine 

The London duo return, continuing the band’s evolving sound, fusing Tessa Murray’s frolicsome vocals, the ethereal and atmospheric dream-pop sounds fans have come to expect and love, and adding a much more prominent Human League inspired style of 80’s new wave synth effects forming a neon colored dreamland of mystery, seduction, curiosity, and passion.

Dead Blue is easily the most user friendly release of the band’s library, venturing away from the europop styling of 2007’s Remember Pepper?, the melancholia world of 2011’s Creatures of an Hour, and the traditional dream pop of 2013’s Strange Pleasures, however not moving too far away and still keeping in contact with these old friends, as well as making new ones. The atmosphere created by this album can be Lynchian at times (“Skimming”, “River’s Edge”), upbeat and dancy at others (“Currents”), and provide listeners with one the strongest singles of 2016 in the opening track “Lost Boys”, which before Murray has completed the heavily luscious first verse listeners, have hopped aboard stellar journey. It may be a bit redundant given the album’s title; Still Corners have crafted an album that is the musical equivalent of the color blue, and the many faces it can take.


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