On the Spot Review – Nicholaas Van Reenen “Fever Trails EP”

Fever trails Photo by Nico Krijno — in Maputo, Mozambique.

Photo by Nico Krijno — in Maputo, Mozambique.

Review By Darian Magee

Fever Trails is South African artist Nicholaas Van Reenen’s first offering to the world and we couldn’t be more pleased with his debut creation. Seemingly unable to be labeled by any genre, this electronic symphony is a treat to the ears. At times it’s exciting and joyful , only to transition to restless devastation moments later. If anything, it’s a story and despite the lack of words – the composition expresses it beautifully. Although less than 12 minutes, listeners will find themselves losing their mind for hours over the exhilarating melodic adventure  and unable to keep track of thoughts, instead completely immersing themselves in the brain of Van Reenen’s. Nothing about the track is reoccurring, each note exploring a new voyage and taking you into waves of philharmonic rapture over and over again.  Find out for yourself by visiting his soundcloud at



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