Album Review – Tera Melos “X’ed” (Math Rock / Pop / Experimental)

Tera Melos  “X’ed” Meshing the world of pop and math rock is where Tera Melos has found their sound through recent years. Although they have put out music striving in this direction before, X’ed is their first step in a more refined, and cohesive direction with this style of guitar driven music. Starting off with Weird Circles, and it’s delayed, U2 esque guitars topped with dreamy, high pitched, washed out vocals, it’s a haunting beginning. However, in classic Tera Melos fashion they abrasively break out into a melodic roller coaster dip, then rise to the calm verse, then back down to full on frenzy, eventually climaxing with an explosion of a technicolour melody in slow motion. This roller coaster of intensity goes on throughout the album featuring airy ballads like Snake Lake and No Phase followed by more dizzying, intensely enjoyable and catchy songs like Tropic Lane. This dynamic throughout the album is crucial since listening to an entire release of unrelenting drums and noise filled guitars would be a challenge, and a nauseating listen for some, especially new listeners who are not familiar with the genre. What is most attractive about X’ed is the sheer excitement, enthusiasm and energy coming through the speakers. The instrumentation is deliberately not micro edited, it does sound like a band straight out of a garage, but one that is filled with comic books, and VHS tapes of old Simpsons episodes. Presenting this complex form of music in such a youthful, and delightful way is refreshing to hear. 4/5 Dragons

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